Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

In celebration of Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, here are a few recent pictures of my kids! Each one is a rescue, and each one–while often a pain in the ass–has made my life so much better. I can’t imagine not having them to greet me when I come home each day, or to snuggle with when it’s cold or when I’m feeling down. They are my babies & I would do anything for these crazy, obnoxious, four-legged kids!

Ellie May, aka ‘The Brat’

Duke Seamus, my poor, blind snuggler.

And my protective giant, Buster Jacob.


Don't grow up.

Being an adult kind of sucks sometimes. Most of time, it seems. And maybe it feels that way to me, because I don’t think I’m very good at adulting. (It’s a word, I swear, regardless of what spell check tries to tell you. It’s even the title of a book.) I have felt stuck for the last several years, in some weird limbo-like state fueled by depression and terrible eating habits and laziness.

But things are starting to change. I’M changing, or growing, however you want to put it. I honestly think my mom kind of kicked things off for me, I think it was around Thanksgiving, though it doesn’t matter when exactly it was. She simply told me that things were going to be different for me this year, that they were going to get better. And, surprise, surprise, mom was right. Go ahead and gloat a little, Mama, I think you deserve it this time. :)

Me #adult #unicorn

At 27.5 years of age, I feel like I’m finally starting to become a adult. It’s happening slowly, but one step at a time, right?! My mum should be so proud! (Hey, at least it’s happening before I hit 30!) Major adulthood milestone recently achieved: I finally opened a savings account and set up regular deposits. I KNOW, go me! 10 POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR!

I was planning on a short, two-sentence post, and now it’s grown into this. Maybe it’s the start of a new phase of writing? I won’t say one way or another, their’s no reason for commitment. I think I’ll just go with the flow.

Gilmore Girls, Part 2!

I took quite a few pictures of my nieces this past weekend (it’s only natural), and while many of them are very similar, I’m still going to share them all! And some of them are a little dark, but editing them only made them look worse…Seriously, are they not the most precious little things you have ever seen?!

Conclusion: they are perfect. The End.


Gilmore Girls

I’m (almost) a week late in announcing this, but for those as yet unaware…



Very proud daddy!

They are actually here, in the flesh. Twin girls born on Valentine’s Day, and SURPRISE!, they are identical! It doesn’t get better. They are perfect. (Not that there was ever any question about that.) And gorgeous. (Or that.) And healthy. And so is mom. I already have approximately 100 pictures, and I’m planning to go see them this weekend, so I’m sure I will amass a few hundred more to share.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

Raelyne Lee Gilmore: born at 2:41 AM, weighing in at 4lbs 12oz and 16 inches long.


Berklee Lyne Gilmore: born at 2:52 AM, weighing in at 5lbs 6oz and 17 inches long.


I can’t seem to get over the fact that they exist. They fill me with so much joy. Friends and family–other aunts–tried to tell me what it was like, becoming an aunt. And they were right – you can’t really put it into words. I already love these girls more than I could ever put into words. I would will doing anything for them.

I cried when I had to leave them and come back home last weekend. I just wanted to stay there and hold them and stare at them. They have occupied pretty much every thought. I feel as if I’m about to burst open with the excitement I feel at the thought of getting to see them tomorrow. So, girls, Auntie Sydney is coming tomorrow, so save the extra-special cuteness until I get there!

I’m a peacock, Captain! You gotta let me fly!

Last night, I (and when I say “I” I actually mean hairstylist extraordinaire, Kasey Teegarden) did something that I have wanted to do for years…

I GOT BLUE & GREEN PEACOCK OMBRÉ HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s glorious!

I couldn’t possibly be more excited or happy with the end result. I freaking LOVE IT! I’m sure Kasey would agree – it was a loooong process. (My hair was dark and reddish – it wasn’t quick or easy. Kasey darkened my main color a bit & bleached my ends at the same time, then I sat with my plastic wrap helmet for quite a while–thank goodness I had ‘Outlander’ with me–washed, dried, blued, sat some more, washed, dried, straightened, and we were done.) It took over 4 hours…

…but it was worth it. I feel incredible! And oddly enough, it doesn’t feel as weird as I thought it would: too see myself with such a drastic change. It feels like my hair, it looks like MY hair, like it belongs to me. I think it’s the most “me” my hair has ever been. And talk about a confidence booster! I needed this change more than I realized.

Kasey –  you are amazing. I can’t thank you enough! I love it so much, I can’t stop looking at it and touching it…it’s makes me feel invincible!

I feel like I have a superpower now. And that superpower is peacock hair!