Hello Beautiful


What a weekend. Company Christmas party, cousins semi-formal, even took in a movie. Thank goodness I decided to just be lazy today. Especially with the onset of yet another migraine.

Cassisy (my cousin, pictured above) and her best friend, Tori looked so beautiful Saturday night. And so grown up. Its crazy. I have to say their dates were lucky fellas 🙂  I’m so thankful that I’m so close to those girls. I live being around for all of their stuff & for taylors. 

The company Christmas party was fun, at least the little bit I got to attend. I suffered thrust as much as I could before my migraine got the best of me. I hated to leave, esp. since a bunch of us had planned on heading the Strip afterwards to hang out. And lucky me, the migraine is back today, though not nearly as bad.

On a better note :), I got to see the new Sherlock Holmes with my aunt & uncle and Tori’s parents. I loved the first one and this one was really good too.

This seems like a very boring blog but its all I’ve got for today. Hopefully over Christmas I will have some time (and inspiration) to really write a bit. I’m keeping my fingers crossed at the very least. I’m excited for Christmas and I’m ready to spend some time with my family. That’s about all my exhausted brain can come up with tonight.  I hear my bed calling my name…g’night all.

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