Not what I expected.

This past weekend (and the beginning of this week) didn’t quite play out like I had planned :(.

It started Saturday…

Sadly, our much anticipated slumber party had to be rescheduled.  Not a big deal, really, but I was still a little bummed.  On the up side, I got a lot of cleaning done.  The night wasn’t a total waste, though.  Since there was no slumber party, I watched the first disc of Series 1 of Doctor Who…finally!  Now I’m ready to dive-in to the rest (as soon as Netflix gets them to me).

Sunday started of normal enough…oatmeal and coffee while watching DIY Network.  I was pretty lazy the rest of morning, but around lunch I ventured into town. I decided I wanted McDonald’s for lunch…I know, not something someone trying to eat healthier should be eating for lunch. But I’m stubborn, and I had made up my mind.

A mere hour or so later, I had a feeling I had made a big mistake.  And by Sunday evening, my feeling was all but confirmed…I had food poisoning. I will spare you the gory details, but first thing Monday morning I dragged myself to the doctor’s office, where I was told I was probably right, it most likely was food poisoning, though possibly a virus. But, considering how it came on and how long it has lasted (I’m still sick), food poisoning was most likely.  They gave me a couple of prescriptions, told me liquids only, and sent me on my way.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot they could do.

Needless to say, it has been a miserable few of days.  While I am no longer upchucking or anything like that (thank the Lord), I still feel like it could start back up at any moment.  I’m so weak I ‘m moving at sloth-pace, and my back, chest and neck are so soar from the violence of the sickness that I feel like I’ve been in a car accident…or possible hit by the Hogwarts Express. I haven’t eaten solid food in 72 hours, and honestly, the thought of it makes my stomach turn.

I’m back at work today, thought I wish I were lying down at home with my heating pad. But that’s what happens when you run out of paid vacation time and you have bills to pay :).

On a brighter note, I’m super excited about a new little something I am participating in:  It’s called a CaraBox, and it’s through a blog:  My friend Tienna told me about it.  They pair you up with someone you don’t know, and you email and check out each others blogs and get to know each other, then towards the end of the month, you send a themed care package and a letter of encouragement to the person you were matched up with. Sounds fun, right?!

Tienna got a box last week and it was really neat.  I’m excited to get to know Susannah (who I am sending to) and Tami (who is sending to me). I think this will end up being a really neat experience.

Anyway, with any luck, tomorrow will be the turning point in the food poisoning debacle, and I will start feeling at least a little human again. And I guess one good thing came out of this…I may never eat McDonald’s again (I’m sure my body will thank me for that!).

Happy Wednesday!




One comment

  1. virginia Wallace · March 6, 2013

    Syd So sorry you have been sick , Hopefully it is all gone now!!! Love you!! Mommom


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