I brought whiskey!

Sunday nights just so happen to be my favorite night of the week and there’s one primary reason…The Walking Dead (if you saw tonight’s episode, my title needs no explanation).

If you don’t watch it, you should. Seriously.

Last night’s episode was particularly good in my humble opinion. (Spoiler Alert…just in case) First off, the long awaited chit-chat betweeb Rick and The Governor. That little meeting was full of tention and included this gem, “Either way, I don’t pretend to be a governor.” Ha! Take that “Phillip!” Their summit alone would have made a great episode, but do the fabulous writers leave it at that? Of course not! Andrea finds out what her love monkey, The Gov., did to Maggie. Merle jumps Glenn then Maggie puts Merle in a chokehold. Glenn and Maggie finally fix the weirdness between them (more than fix it, really). Daryl. Rick contemplates sacrificing Michonne. And it looks like we’re going war. Yeah, try and wrap your head around all that happening in one hour. It’s awesome.

What’s not awesome…there are only 3 episodes left in the season. I can’t bear to think about it. It’s too depressing. Even knowing the Game of Thrones is about to start, then True Blood will be back this summer, it’s not enough to make up for the loss of arguably the best show on tv.

The Walking Dead isn’t the only thing I look forward to on Sunday nights. I’ve got Once Upon A Time…where someone died tonight. Then there’s The Bible. And what is quickly becoming a new favorite, The Vikings. I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet, though. I’m saving it for tomorrow.

Going in a completely different direction now, today was the first day I felt (almost) normal. If I never get food poisoning again, it will be too soon. I can’t eat very much (and not much sounds good), but that’s actually a good thing. I’m fine with that sticking around.

Seeing as it’s midnight and I have to get up for work in just over 6 hours, I think my bed is calling my name. Here’s hoping this week will be much better than last week!




  1. Derek Johnson · March 11, 2013

    Really like your photo, very bright and creative!


    • sydneyday · March 11, 2013

      If only I could take credit for it :). I found it on Pinterest.


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