Music You Should Know Wednesday

I’m thinking about starting something new: Every Wednesday, I will share some of my favorite music.  It may be just a song, it may a band, it may be a type of music…who knows? I think I will just let it play out organically.

Music is a huge part of me. And we I say huge, I mean a whopping, gargantuan, immeasurable part of who I am. I honestly don’t know where I would be today or how I would get through any of Life’s curves without music. Yes, there are books. The written word has also immeasurably shaped the person that I am.

But music? Music was born into me. It truly has helped me to better understand myself, to express my feelings in ways I couldn’t alone.

Music was also a very special bond that I had with my Dad. I remember spending countless hours in junior high and high school, and on weekends home from college, sitting in the floor by my Dad’s recliner, us sharing music with each other. They were our music lessons…a couple of friends even got to participate :). When I look back at the countless memories I have of him, this is one of the memories that is most vivid, that is most important to me.  I pray that it stays that way, that it never fades, not even a tiny bit. To this day (and I hope this never changes, either), when I come across some new artist or song, even if it’s not something I think he would have liked, I still wish I could tell him about it.

So, for the inaugural post, I would like to introduce you an incredible, amazing, astounding, beautiful band based in Brooklyn (by way of Georgia for two members)…The Lone Bellow.

I don’t have the words to properly describe the music created by these three individuals. It’s beautiful, and haunting, and moving, and melancholy, and inspiring. I have listen to almost nothing else for weeks now. Every day at work, all day long, I am listening to their station on IHeartRadio.

I have to thank Relevant Magazine (one of my all-time favorites, you should definitely check it out) for bringing this band to my attention. I was immediately excited to check them out after reading less than one sentence about the trio. Their style of music, indie-folk with gospel, soul, etc. flavors is right up my alley. (I listen to a bit of everything, but this particular genre, if you will, is my absolute favorite.)

Their songwriting is inspiring, and thought provoking, and emotional. And real. You can hear, better yet, you can FEEL the emotions behind the songs.

Even if this type of music isn’t typically your cup of tea, I encourage you to give them a listen anyway.

I hope you enjoy!!

Recorda Script

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