This sorrowful life.

Jumping right in to this week’s episode of The Walking Dead

Oh, Meryl.

Spoiler alert. First off, that moment between Daryl and Meryl…loved. At least on Daryl’s part. He has changed and opened up so much. When he told Meryl that he just wanted his brother back, just broke my heart. I actually let myself believe that Daryl & being with the group in the prison might just be working on Meryl…just a tiny bit. He might be learning. Maybe he wants to change.

Obviously not. Luring Michonne down away, knocking her out and kidknapping her to hand her over to The Governor…not exactly the sign of hope and change I was looking for. I’m not saying he didnt have good intentions, I’m not saying he did either. Maybe he was just trying to keep Daryl (and himself), maybe even the group, too, alive. Either way, it doesnt really matter, because, regardless of his intentions, that was NOT the way to do things.

And then he lets her go. I KNEW that he couldnt be all bad, that deep down, he wants to belong. He just has very misguided ways of showing it.

Then he goes to to assassinate The Governor…and The Gov. shoota him!!! I never really thought I would feel much if/when Meryl died (except for empathy for Daryl loosing hia brother), but i was wrong. Not only was i shocked, but I was a little sad, too. Ive been hoping for redemption for Meryl, and he finally starts on that path and he gets killed…and that rat bastard lets him turn into walker for Daryl to find & put down…i cried. It broke my heart.

I cried alot during this episode, actually.

One of my favorite moments of the entire season, maybe even the entire series to date was when Glenn went to Hershall and told him he wants to marry Maggie & asked for his blessing. That made me cry.

Then I really cried (though not as much as when Daryl found walker -Meryl) when Glenn actually proposed to Maggie. It was so simple and beautiful and perfect. Talk about hope.

And with all the shit thats been going on, it was definitely a much-needed tender moment that i think both the characters and viewers alike needed. But if either one of them dies in the finale next week, especially after this…”pissed” wont begin to cover it. I will be livid and even more heartbroken, to say the least.

Gosh, I just cant believe Meryl is dead. I shouldn’t be so surprised because everyone is far game on this show. But still…I have been hoping that Maggie would be the one who gets to put The Gov. down when the time comes, but now, I kind of hope its Daryl…its so hard to decide when so many have a reason to be the one to kill him.

There you have it, my rundown of this week’s episode. I can’t promise it makes a whole lot of sense…what can say? Im emotionally distraught! 🙂 What? I AM!! Do you realize that next week is the season finale?! Do you know what that does to a person?

I must leave you now for my therapy season with Chris Hardwick and guests on The Talking Dead to work thru what went down tonight.

Kirk out.



  1. Adriene · March 24, 2013

    “Kirk out”? You. Are. A. Nerd.

    And I love you for it!


    • sydneyday · March 24, 2013

      Thank you 🙂 Im glad someone appreciates it!!


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