30th Birthday Bucket List

I wasn’t going to post again today (since I already posted my Music blog), but my lovely friend, Tienna, inspired me to do a 30th Birthday Bucket List.  She recently posted an update to her’s, since she is turning 30 this year. And I think it’s a great idea and a great time to start working on mine. I will be 26 this year (wow does that sound weird), so that gives me a little over four years to accomplish things. Here goes nothing!

I’ve tried to be as realistic as possible here, but that’s hard to do, especially with my overactive imagination. So give me a little leeway on this :). These are in no particular order:

  1. Get healthy.
  2. Learn to play the acoustic guitar.
  3. Master the perfect homemade pizza dough. I love pizza, but my dough never turns out quite right, no matter what recipe I use.
  4. Go to Harry Potter Heaven (aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter).
  5. Visit Seattle.
  6. Go back to London.
  7. Spend (at least) 2 weeks roaming around Ireland.
  8. Get my bedroom painted & decorated how I see it in my head.
  9. Learn to sew.
  10. Master the fine art of budgeting & put a significant amount of money in savings.
  11. Have an amazing organic chef’s garden.
  12. Start getting at least a couple of the tattoos I’ve wanted since I was 17.
  13. Get completely caught-up on Doctor Who. (I’m actually working on this right now :))
  14. Write a novel. Or at least start writing one.
  15. Play D&D, but if I’m gonna play, I wanna REALLY play.
  16. Master beach waves. I swear I’ve tried everything, and it never works.
  17. Go to Nerd/Geek/Fandom heaven (or just simply “heaven”)…San Diego Comic Con.
  18. Go to Bonnaroo/SXSW/Coachella/etc.
  19. Figure out what I want to do with my life job-wise.
  20. Meet Johnny Depp…I know, this probably isn’t gonna to ever happen, much less by 30, but I can dream!
  21. Meet the cast from The Walking Dead and visit the set. It could happen!
  22. Finish my college degree.
  23. Take an art class – drawing, sculpture, something.
  24. Go on some sort of humanitarian trip (like a Tom’s Shoe Drop or something), preferably to Africa.
  25. Get serious about recycling.
  26. Go on an archaeological dig. Basically, I want to be Lara Croft, at least for a few days.
  27. Put wood floors in my living room & get a claw-foot tub in my bathroom.
  28. Time travel.
  29. Become an archer. It just looks like so much fun.
  30. Get married/start a family…if and only IF I meet the right person by then (on my terms), I refuse to rush into anything or to settle. (Disclaimer: I don’t want nor do I need unsolicited advice on this matter – consider yourself warned :).)

And there you have it. My 30 by 30 Bucket List. It seems like alot. Who am I kidding? It IS alot. But, like I said earlier, I’ve got just shy of 4 years and 5 months to do it all. That’s enough time, right? Right??

Again, Happy Wednesday! And make sure you have your survival kit with you at all times…remember, it is Zombie Apocalypse Week, preparation is key!

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