Two Quarters and A Heart Down.

It’s Monday, which means another work week begins. This weekend went by too fast.

It was a productive weekend, though, due mostly to the fact that I was craving meat like you wouldn’t believe, and I was trying to keep myself distracted by staying busy. Let’s see – I reorganized all of my photo albums, got two baby shower gifts ready to go, scrubbed my carpets (though it didn’t help as much as I hoped), cleaned like crazy, almost got caught up on laundry, purged my closet, reorganized most of my DVDs, and I didn’t give in to my meat craving.

Like I said, productive.

I didn’t make it home for Easter, which is a bit of a bummer, because I miss my mama & my brother and the rest of my family. But I’m sure I will make to see them sometime soon, Mother’s Day at the latest. There is no way I would miss that.

I watched alot of tv & movies as I was being so productive this weekend. I finished the first series of Doctor Who, had a Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy marathon, watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones and (sadly) the season finale of Walking Dead.

I love Doctor Who more and more with each episode – I still can’t believe I waited so long to start watching, and I”m so excited for David Tennant as #10…I love that guy and I have a feeling he is going to be my favorite Doctor (though of course I can’t say for certain until I get to see Matt Smith’s #11).

It’s goes without saying that Nolan’s Batman trilogy is amazing (if you disagree, just leave now). I hadn’t seen all of The Dark Knight Rises until this weekend. I was not disappointed. I loved Tom Hardy’s Bane – great villain. I was thrown, at first, by the voice, but then I started to like it. And then, hearing Tom Hardy describe his inspiration for the voice in the special features, it made sense. Then there was the ending…LOVED it. (spoiler alert) I fell for it. I actually thought Bruce was dead. My favorite part of the ending was Robin entering the Batcave. I vote there be a movie based around Joseph-Gordon Levitt’s Robin. I would definitely watch that…then again, I will watch anything JGL is in because I think he amazing.

The GoT premiere was good, I wan’t blown away, but I liked it, of course. Which that may be because I am slowly dying waiting for Daenerys to get to Westeros. I know it’s a long journey and she has to get an army & her dragons have to grow into huge destructive monsters…but it’s TV…can’t they hurry it along a little? And please tell me that Joffrey is gonna die soon. I hate that little bastard. I’d venture a guess and say most of the GoT fandom agrees.

Now, jumping to the highlight & lowlight of my weekend: The Walking Dead season finale. I am so depressed that the season is over. But I liked the episode. It didn’t play out as I expected – I expected this huge, epic battle, but that didn’t happen. (Again, spoiler alert) First off, The Governor beating Milton to a pulp…that was bruttle. Milton is not made to withstand that kind of thing, he too soft. Then, The Gov. stabs him and locks him in the Room of Doom with Andrea?! Bastard. While we are on the subject of Andrea – did anyone else think that it took her a hell of a long time to get those pliers? I mean, Milton is about to die, turn into a walker, and eat you. Stop messing around and get the damn pliers! I wasn’t surprised that she died, by the way. And I liked the way she died. I was glad that Rick and Daryl got to see her first and that Michonne was there with her.

Back to the prison, I thought the group actually left when Phillip and his puppets showed up. I was obviously wrong, and glad that I was, though I was nervous watching Glenn & Maggie get shot at…but I was nervous the whole episde, it was intense. 27 people were gonna die, and they were two of my four that I couldn’t bear to loose (the other two being Carol and Daryl). But they all survived. 25 of the 27 deaths were The Governor’s people…and they died by The Governor’s own hand. That was the most surprising part for me. Not because Phillip went totally bat-shit, off the reservation crazy & started shooting his own people. It was because, like I said earlier, I was expecting them to die in battle at the hands of Rick or Daryl or Michonne, etc. – not by The Governor.

The look on Martinez’s face during the shootout was priceless. He really shouldn’t have been so surprised. I thought he knew Phillip a little better than that. Then, they get in the car with Gov. McCrazy and drive away. I am really curious to know were they went.

I know I said the most surprising thing was The Gov. killing his people, but I take that back. The most surprising thing was Carl’s outlook on the world. I’m worried about that kid. Hopefully with Rick bringing the rest of the Woodbury people to the prison, the sense of community will work on Carl & bring his humanity back.

So, yeah…quite the ending to the season. I’m ready for #4 now.

Let’s see, what else was I going to talk about?

Oh, my vegetarian challenge. It sucks. I’ve stuck to it, but it sucks. This is much harder that I want to admit it is.

My spinach quesadilla was disgusting, by the way. Why? The tortillas…there is something wrong with them. I don’t know what, but something. They are the same tortillas that I always buy, they weren’t out of date, but boy did they taste (and smell) funky. I took one bite & gagged. So I pretty much stuck to veggie burgers and tomato soup this weekend. But I plan on making either pasta or veggie stir fry to night, which I’m looking forward too.

It’s so hard, but so far, I think it’s worth it. I already feel better, because I’m not eating so much junk. I’m curious to see how I will feel at the end of my two weeks.

I have to stop now, my lunch is over, and if I don’t, I will never get back to work.



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