In The Shadow of The City

Happy Friday people of the blog!

I feel like I have 173 things to cover in this post, so bear with me :).

It’s a busy weekend coming up, but I think it will be a good one! Baby shower today at work, and then (surprise!) baby shower tomorrow for one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in several months even though we only live about an hour and half away from each other. I’m very excited to see her in all her pregnancy glowiness. And I’m excited to see my other bestie (who happens to be the preggo bestie’s sister), and her baby & their hubbies, of course,  and their family.

I’m also planning on going out with friends (and friends of friends) tomorrow night in the City. Of course, I have to squeeze some cleaning/laundry/dog bathing time in there too. I’ve been saying I was going to bathe my dogs every weekend for about a month and a half now. I obviously still haven’t done it. But I will! Buster & Duke both smell extra potent now that it’s warming up, so they definitely need baths.

And, in theaters today, the remake of Evil Dead. I’m dying to see this. I love horror movies. Several of my friends (insert throat clearing hereTIENNA), are amazed by the fact that I don’t get scared. But I honestly don’t. I wish I would get scared by a horror movie. It’s been years. That’s one of the reason I keep watching them, and most of them are disappointments. But I’m hoping this one won’t let me down. I really want to go see it this weekend.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is the trailer (FYI, it’s red band):

In other news: The April Cara Box matches were posted yesterday! The theme this month is a Green Box (since Earth Day is in April). I love it. I’m excited. I’m sending to Krystal at Pressing Pause and receiving from Cheltee at Something About You & Me. Cheltee and I have already started emailing, and I emailed Krystal this morning. I love this. It’s so much fun.

Turning to the sad & depressing for a  moment: 19 years ago today, the world lost a legend in Kurt Cobain. I felt like I had to mention his passing, to pay homage to him & his music in some small way. 27 years old. He is in great company – Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, Winehouse, Alexander, Pigpen…the list goes on, unfortunately. (If you’ve never heard of Club 27, Google it. It’s kind of crazy.)

Moving on, I really need to spend some quality time reading American Gods, and finishing The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I’ve just been so tired lately, this week especially. I blame it on the whole vegetarian thing, just because I can. Speaking of vegetarian, what I made last night was pretty darn good food. I made a light Baked Spinach Alfredo with caramelized onions (leftovers–which I ate for lunch–pictured below). It was easy too, since I used a jar of alfredo sauce (Classico Light). I don’t really follow recipes, I just use them for ideas, but here are the basics:


Baked Spinach Alfredo

  1. Heat your oven to 450. Boil your pasta – any kind you like, though penne or farfalle or rotini – something with ridges works best.
  2. Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet, then throw in sliced onions (as many or as little as you like). Let them saute for 5 minutes or so, then add in minced garlic (again, as little or as much as you like, I personally like alot of garlic). Let that cook for about a minute, then take it off the heat.
  3. Meanwhile, prep your spinach. Wash it, etc. You can either cut in into ribbons (what I did) or just throw in whole leaves of baby spinach. Add that spinach to your onions & garlic and just give it a stir. The pan should be plenty hot still, you don’t really need to cook it since it’s going in the oven.
  4. Drain your pasta & transfer it to a baking dish and stir in a little butter or olive oil. Then add your alfredo sauce (I also add a little basil & thyme), then your onion mixture & give it a good tossing. Top it of with salt & pepper to taste & shredded cheese (motz, parm, etc.). Bake it for about 10 minutes, then just turn the broiler on to brown your cheese.
  5. Let it rest a few minutes before you eat it. And enjoy!

It’s pretty simple, at least I think so. And it’s quick. It maybe took 30 minutes, start to finish. And it makes good leftovers.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot! I bought myself a new shirt – a Doctor Who shirt to be exact. And it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Seriously. I’m wearing it today. I don’t want take it off. Feast your eyes, humans!


Snow White. Dark Forest. TARDIS. YES!

It rocks, I know. I got it from TeePublic which is an awesome place to find (or design) unique and fantastic tshirts.

I think (emphasis on THINK) that’s everything. Well, except for the photo challenge which will be below. And I know I skipped yesterday. I will try and get it taken/posted this weekend. I should probably get some work done before the baby shower.


Day 5: my favorite shoes (it was my Burlap Toms, but they died.)

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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