Give Me Strength When I’m Standing & Faith When I Fall

It’s FINALLY Friday.

This has been the longest week–mostly because of the awful mood I have been in (I’m in a glass case of emotion!!!). I was talking to my friend, Tienna, yesterday, and we decided it’s the vegetarian thing. So I’m quitting a day early. Yep. I’m done. And I’m never doing it again…I mean for two weeks. I still want to work either a meatless day or something into my routine, but two weeks is too long for me. Anyway, we–Adriene, Tienna, Rebecca & myself–decided we are celebrating and are going to Louie’s for lunch, where I will be having a Reuben. 1pm cannot get here soon enough.

In other news, I have a million and one things to day after work today. But I want to get it all done tonight, so that I can spend tomorrow planting a few things. I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t have my planter boxes built yet, so I’m only working with my few pots for now, but that works perfect for a few flowers and some thyme, rosemary and lavender. Yes, pictures will make their way onto the blog. I’ve also got the next two discs of Series Two of Doctor Who to watch this weekend, which I am very much looking forward too. And then they dogs HAVE to have baths. I forgot (yet again) last weekend. But they really need it. They all stink.

Of course, I think it’s supposed to rain again, so it may not do a whole lot of good. Oh well.

I am praying that this next week goes by fast, because on Saturday is my cousin, Cassidy’s, prom. AND my mom & David are coming up (bringing my lawn mower with them!)!! I’m excited. I haven’t seen my mama since Christmas and I miss her, cause she’s the best. Really, she is. I know most people think that about their moms, but really, mine is the best.

I’m sure I have much other news for you, today. I do have my photo challenges for yesterday and today. Oh, and I have a post from Wifessionals that I wanted to share. What’s it about? Click and see. A little mystery never hurt anyone.


Day 11: My book – the one, well the main one, that I’m reading right now…supposed to be reading, I haven’t actually done much reading this week.


Day 12: My music -this is what I’ve been listening to this morning.

So long and thanks for all the fish.


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