A Wizard is never late.


It’s kind of been a tense morning, because I have been listening to CNN, keeping up with the Boston manhunt. I’m thankful that I can log-on through Dish and listen (watch) live. I like to keep up with what’s going on…when I’m not listening to podcasts or music, that is. I plan on listening all day today as I work.

I have listened to the interviews with several people who know the younger brother–the one they are still seeking–and they spoke to his uncle, etc. I can’t imagine finding out that someone you know, a friend, a loved-one, has been accused of committing such a heinous crime–of killing three and injuring well over a hundred unsuspecting, innocent people. I think those who know/knew the brothers, as well as the rest of the country & other parts of the world, are all wondering, are all trying to figure out what could have provoked such an act. I know I am. I just can’t fathom what would entice a person to do something like this. What would have to happen in your life to make you see something such an act as a viable option?

All I can say is that I do hope they take the boy into custody alive, that this doesn’t turn into another shoot-out & result in even more casualties. I think we have all had enough of that over the last week. (I mean, they are still searching for people in the rubble of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, TX.) And Boston needs deserves answers.

I’m going to move away from the heavy now. No need to linger there, meesa thinks.

Yesterday was one of those days when I particularly like my job: first off, we celebrated someone’s birthday, so we got donuts for breakfast (I have been craving donuts like nobody’s business), THEN our buyer met with a potential new vendor, and we got to taste test a bunch of cookies & brownies & rice krispies. My personal favorite – an apple-cinnamon cookie that I am going to have to recreate at home. (NOTE: Apple pie is my favorite, so it’s no wonder I loved the apple-cinnamon cookie–anything apple-cinnamon or pumpkin flavored & I’m in.) And then today, a few of the ladies started off a little reorganizing kick and brought in some much needed color into the office in the form of plants! AND THEN I get a new (to me at least) desk to replace my crappy folding table. It makes me happy. There will be so much less clutter with two desks, two sets of drawers, etc.!

Speaking of plants: You know how I planted stuff this past weekend? Well, thanks to Oklahoma and her psychotic weather patterns, I had to drag all my plants inside last night because there was a freeze warning. It’s the middle of April, otherwise know as SPRING, especially here in the South. Don’t get me wrong, I love cold weather, it’s my favorite, but not when I just planted freeze-intolerant flowers & herbs. Mother Nature/Storm/Helius/Horae/Flora/Anemoi…someone with power over the weather and/or the seasons, please bring on Spring (NOT Summer, just Spring), and let it stay for a while–stop with the freezing, ok? Thanks, I really appreciate it.

As you know, today is Friday…and thank goodness it is. This has been a slow week, probably because I have been looking forward to this weekend, to my cousin’s prom and seeing my Mama…and, let’s face it, getting my lawn mower. I will probably be counting down the hours to 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again–she’s the best. And I’ve missed her.

Anything else, people of the blog? I feel like most of posts are pretty boring…very mundane. Maybe I will come up with more profound topics to write about. But, until then, mundane it is :).

Right… Buckleberry Ferry. Follow me!

one starry night

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