It’s finally Friday.

Thankfully, another slow work week has come to end.

And to make it even better, tonight is Girls’ Night at my house with Adriene, Tienna & Rebecca. Not our rescheduled sleepover, but the next best thing–dinner, games, movies—all manner of shenanigans, really.

An update on my American Gods progress: it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite all-time reads, not surprising, because Neil Gaiman is a wonderful, creative genius. I predict it’s going to be up there near The Historian by the time I finish it. I even got the 10th Anniversary edition of the audiobook (which is full cast!) to listen to at work. (Thanks Adriene for bringing this to me attention.) But I’m only going to listen up to the point where I’m reading. I don’t want to finish the book by listening to it, I want to finish by reading it. I’m hoping that the audiobook will get me thru until some concrete news about the upcoming TV series for HBO comes out. But I, like Mr. Gaiman himself, want it to be right, so patience is key…admittedly, not my strong-suit, but I’m trying, OK?!

What else is going on?

Wait…you mean you CAN’T see into my brain & read my mind? What kind of people are you?

Let’s see…I have a busy/fun/productive weekend planned including planter boxes, cleaning & organizing my spare bedroom and getting it set up to exercise in, cleaning out my car, and coming up with plans for a desk top to mount to my wall in my office. Oh, and finishing Series 2 of Doctor Who, since I didn’t get to last weekend. I also would like to finally pick a new paint color for my bedroom, but I’ve wanted that for oh, about 10 months now, and still no luck.

For some sad news, I just read that George Jones, country music legend, passed away Friday. He has always been one of my favorite traditional country artists, one that my dad & I would listen to often. I still have the cd my daddy burned for my with a bunch of traditional country he thought I would like, including my favorite George Jones song, “Golden Ring.”

Now, most who really know me know that I love to cook. And you should also know that I’m eating healthier. Food – healthy, tasty, delicious, fun food is important to me. I love being in the kitchen and creating something. One of my favorite chef’s (and Brits) is Jamie Oliver. His cook book Jamie at Home is a staple in my kitchen. It’s always on display because it has great ideas in it. And it’s all about eating in season, local, fresh, home-grown food. And that’s a huge goal for me. Less processed foods and more local, fresh foods.

Jamie is a pioneer in reforming the way that we, as a culture, eat…starting with kids. Ever heard of Food Revolution? Well, you should have. It’s Jamie Oliver’s campaign to start reforming food education and food options in our schools–giving kids the education to make better eating choices, to give them healthier and fresher options–as a way to combat the obesity epidemic we are facing in this country.

Why you should join the Food Revolution!

It’s a great thing to get involved with, and easy, too. May 17th happens to be this year’s Food Revolution Day, and you can go to the link above and check out some more info on it and find ways to get involved.

I’m off now to listen to Part 1 of American Gods, which I just spent an hour trying to download, & get back to work.


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