Music Wednesday! May Day! And I don’t know what else yet!

It’s May! Already! And guess what? North-western Oklahoma is probably going to get snow this week. Yes – SNOW. In May. But that’s Oklahoma for ya.

I’m very excited about today’s musical treat! I actually just discovered this guy Monday night while roaming around on Youtube. And I have to admit, I’ve become a little obsessed. He’s an indie/folk singer-songwriter hailing from Brighton. That alone–indie, folk, British–is enough to get me interested. But he’s pretty amazing. His name is Mike Rosenberg, but he performs under the name Passenger. Used to be a five-piece, but it’s back to just him. Anyway, the guy is good. Really good. I know command you to listen and enjoy.

I feels like it should be Friday already. But sadly, it’s not.

mom & david in nashvilleTomorrow is the big day for my mama & David!!! I’m so happy and excited for them! And I’m so thrilled for Grant (whose birthday happens to be today…Happy Birthday, Grant!) and Cynthia, because Walter will also be here tomorrow!! Talk about the best birthday present ever! Just ask my mom :). I was born three days after her birthday. The excitement of finally seeing Walter is killing me! I can’t wait until he gets here. And I know my excitement & impatience is nothing compared to his parents :).

I didn’t get my Cara Box post up last night because I fell asleep on the couch. So, why not include it here?! Again, Cheltee did a great job! She is so sweet! I plan on staying in touch. And, since we are both zombie fans, and zombies unfortunately didn’t work out too well with the whole “green” theme, we will have to have ourselves a zombie-themed box swap in the near future!

Anyway, Cheltee sent me a very cute reusable shopping bag (I’m addicted to them!), she also caught on to my love of lavender, and sent me some lavender-scented Fabreeze cleaner & a lavender-scented candle. She also sent a little something for the dogs – waste bags :). You never know when those might come in handy! Cheltee also included a little flashlight, which I actually really need, since I may have gotten mad and thrown my at the road while chasing Wyatt several months ago. Maybe. And she sent me crushed red pepper, with is one of my favorite spices, I use it all the time!


Thank you, Cheltee, for my box! I love it!

I think that’s it for now!

“Did you say ‘hello’?”  “No, I said ‘ello’, but that’s close enough.”



One comment

  1. Cheltee T. · May 1, 2013

    I loved having you as a partner. I am glad you like everything.


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