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Today is the big day!!!! Baby Walter is set to arrive anytime, and I have been obsessively checking my phone every 5 minutes hoping for more news. I can’t wait to finally see him. AND today my mom & David are on their way to Vegas to get married!!!! Such an exciting day! I’m so glad it’s finally here!
I recently started following a fellow Okie blogger, Alana at Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde, and she is doing a link-up with Jennie at Story of My Life – it’s a challenge to blog every day in May. And Jennie even came up with topics for each day. I decided it would be fun to join in :). Since I’m a day behind, I decided to just lump May 1st and May 2nd together:
May 1st – The Story of my Life in aprox. 250 words:
I’m Sydney. I was born in 1987 in a little town in Texas & raised in a little town in Oklahoma. I was named after my grandpa, which I think is awfully special. I have/had the best parents anyone could ask for: my mom, Lisa & my dad, Lee. I have one younger brother, Robert, & a younger cousin who I think of  as a brother, William. We suddenly lost my dad January 2012. It changed everything in my life. I bought a house just under a year ago. I still haven’t graduated college. My life is a constant struggle: to find my place in the world, with my weight, and with depression. But I’m working on me and I’m learning to truly embrace who I am & enjoy my life on my own terms. I refuse to life for anyone else. I’m determined to live for me. I”m book-obsessed. I love to cook. I’m weird. I’m a crazy dog lady. I’m a nerd. I’m a little or alot lost, depending on the day. I’m very creative. I’m a music lover. I’m really good at procrastinating. And I love to travel & sometimes dream of moving to London.
May 2nd – Something I know alot about or am good at:
This is a little difficult. I fee like a know a little bit about a vast array of things. So…cooking? I’m good at that. And I enjoy it. It’s instinctual for me. I don’t really even have to think about it most of time. I just do it. I try things. Pick out ingredients that sound good and find a way to put them together into a yummy meal. It’s kind of a difficult thing to educate someone on online. It’s more of an “in practice” skill, I guess. I can tell you this:
  1. Garlic and/or butter make just about anything taste better.
  2. If what you are cooking tastes like it’s missing something, it’s probably salt.
  3. Rice cookers with steamer baskets are awesome.
  4. Fresh herbs are always the best. Fresh everything is always the best, really.
  5. The key to stir-fry, at least for me, is a little sesame oil and alot of dried ground ginger (the exception the to the “fresh herbs” rule above).
  6. Don’t be afraid to mess it up. That’s how you learn what works and what doesn’t. Just get in there and start creating.

Hopefully a few you will join in on the fun. Who knows what we will learn from one another?

So, I finally watched Django Unchained last night. I’m so behind on movies. It’s really sad. I’m a HUGE movie person, I usually know all about what’s going on, but I’m so, so behind on watching movies. Anyway, Django – it’s good. I liked it. I didn’t love it, like I was expecting. But it was well worth watching, and I’m sure it will be one I will watch again. I like a good Tarantino flick. He weird. I’m weird. It usually, though not always, works out pretty well. Not as well as me and Johnny Depp and/or Tim Burton, but still. I also rented Les Miserable but didn’t get to it last night. Two nearly-three-hour movies on a week night is alot. But I will be watching Les Mis tonight! And I have no doubts whatsoever that I will in fact love this one as much as I think I will. I mean, it’s Les Mis for crying out loud!

You may or may not have read my post earlier this week: Find what you love…. As I said in it, I desperately want to find my way, my purpose, my path. So I’ve been trolling the world wide web trying to get tips and tools and guidance…you get the picture. And here is one of the things I found after I took a quiz somewhere (where I don’t remember):

Striving to Be Knowledgeable:
You are an intellectual: As a leader, you’re often ahead of your time. As an employee, you try to surpass the competence level of peers, even managers. Incisive and curious, you’re driven to deeply understand how things work. But that’s things, not people. Oh, your family and friends are important; it’s just that you don’t need to spend hours engaging with them. Social validation isn’t your goal—you’re secure enough in your cerebral pursuits.
What to watch out for: When you can’t find a way to be the expert, you may withdraw or simply withhold information, which can make you seem smug or arrogant. If you feel yourself retreating into your own world, seek a friend’s help to pull you back. Also balance your cerebral tendencies through physical activities like jogging, hiking, or dance.
Looking ahead: You discover who you are meant to be through accumulating insight and knowledge. So follow your curiosity. Are you drawn to learning Mandarin? Joining a philosophy society? Studying and practicing Buddhist meditation? Delving into the complexities of computer programming? Writing a historical book? Pursuits that place you near the leading edge of technology, science, psychology, academia, or business are good bets. But any situation that allows you to work independently with freedom to investigate and innovate will fuel your drive.

Curiosty? Check. Not really being a people person/sociable? Check! Retreating into my own world? CHECK! My second time taking the quiz, I got this as my top score:
Striving to Be Creative:
You are an artist: You came out of the womb with a paintbrush in your hand. Or maybe it was a flute or a castanet or a fountain pen to go with your poet’s imagination. The point is, you’re an original, and you know it. Even if you don’t have a singular gift, you’re drawn to the arts—anything creative, for that matter— and you have a unique way of looking at the world. Your need for depth and authenticity in relationships can lead to both great joy and profound sorrow, depending on whether others reciprocate. You don’t care so much about adapting to group or societal expectations; your independence and sharp intuition propel you on your own path.
What to watch out for: When fear of conformity overrides your creativity, you can assume the role of “outsider” or “orphan” and end up feeling alienated. You may even go so far as refusing to vote or pay taxes. This lone-wolf stance might be a defense against feeling vulnerable. Try to be aware that blaming others for your banishment, or pushing away those who want to get close, only makes things worse. Also, dramatizing your emotions can interfere with your creativity.
Looking ahead: As long as you genuinely express yourself, you feel like the person you were meant to be. How you do it is irrelevant. A chef or architect can be as much of an artist as a painter or sculptor. Many advertising and public relations executives are also highly imaginative. Beyond work, there are opportunities everywhere you look to coax out your inner artist: Design your own jewelry line, create an innovative blog, dream up a comic strip. Relationships are another avenue for self-expression.
Drawn to the arts? Yep. Feeling like an outsider? All my life!
I think I really needed to read these. In all honestly, they didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. Maybe it’s that it came from an outside source. It’s not from me, from a family member or from a friend. It feels objective. Who knows, maybe this will end up being the push that I so desperately need. Only time will tell.
This post ended up being alot longer than I originally expected it to be. But now I leave with funnies. Nerd funnies. Your welcome:
And I had to include this, which I found last night on Pinterst:
Kidnapped by + Loki = Yes, PLEASE! 😉
The self-appointed, undisputed ruler of The Universe

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