Music You Should Know Wednesday: Anglophile Edition!

Boy, did this day not start well: an hour & a half of sleep, woke up late, dog ripped my shirt so I have to change at the last minute, spilled my coffee everywhere, 30 minutes late to work…needless to say, I have zero patience today. The outlook isn’t good for the rest of the day. Thankfully, I wrote this post yesterday, so this is all the negativity I will put out there.

anglophile(Pronunciation: /ˈaŋglə(ʊ)fʌɪl/) 1. (n) a person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain; 2. (adj) fond or greatly admiring England or Britain; 3. Sydney Day Gilmore.

In case you didn’t know, I’m an anglophile. It goes beyond great admiration and well into obsession. Deep down, I think I actually am British. I won’t go into it much more than that, because I could ramble on and on and on for hours. The point is to preface my magical musical compilation for today – a bit of my favorite British music. (I stuck to modern British music, I plan on doing a classic compilation in the future.) The only band that is a stretch is Grouplove–only one member British, but I had to include the song because I love it. There were some songs that I couldn’t find, so I’ve listed them below if you feel like looking into them. You can thank me later.

  1. McFly – POV is one of my favorites.
  2. You should check out more Ed Sheeran.
  3. Marcus Foster‘s Old Birch Tree is my favorite song of his.
  4. Adele, of course. If you don’t listen to Adele, shame on you.
  5. Ellie Goulding‘s cover of Your Song.
  6. Anything and everything by Bobby Long, but especially Cold, Cold Loving, Being a Mockingbird, and Dublin’s There for Me.

By the way – It’s later :).

This has nothing to do with anglophilia, but I watched Silver Linings Playbook last night. I really built this movie up, and had very high expectations for it. Usually a disappointment in these circumstances, right? Well, not only did Silver Linings meet my expectations, it surpassed them. It is such a great movie. I highly recommend it. It was real, and funny, and serious, and enlightening, and thought-provoking, and entertaining. And it brings to light a serious issue that so many deal with (myself included): mental health. The acting is wonderful. The story is wonderful. It’s shot beautifully. I absolutely loved it. It absolutely earned a place on my list of all-time favorite films.

Exercising kicked my butt last night. I upped my reps for my ab workouts and tried some new yoga – my abs are sore, but the yoga felt amazing. I can see myself really getting into it. You should try yoga. Really, you should. After exercising, I rewarded myself with a sugar-free lime popsicle. I have to admit, I’m hopelessly addicted them. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that before. Speaking of food, probably tomorrow, I will post the spice rub recipe I used on my chicken last night – really good, especially for warm weather.

Last thing for today:


Today’s topic is a piece of advice I have for other, any type of advice. This is going to reference back to my favorite quotes post earlier this week: My piece of advice is to follow your heart and live your life the way that want too, the way that you think it should be lived. Don’t focus and worry about what everyone else is thinking about how you go about life, don’t worry about disappointing people, or always pleasing them, etc. The people that really love you will still be there no matter what. And that’s not to say that you should seek advice from those you love & trust. Do that. Ask questions, seek knowledge & experiences. And don’t put off the things you love, the things that you’ve always wanted to do, because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. So start today. Start doing the things you love, trying things, and creating a life you love loving.

“No hard feelings, Point Break. You’ve got a mean swing.”



  1. Gloria England · May 8, 2013

    love your stories Gloria England


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