Ugh, Mondays.

First off, I’m in an awful mood  – I think it’s mostly from not sleeping last night. I’m praying my insomnia isn’t flaring up again, though that’s what it looks, unfortunately.

Fellow Oklahomans already know this, but yesterday, the state was racked with tornadoes, and we may have a repeat performance from Mother Nature again today. I’m sure hoping not…at the very least, not until I am with my dogs. I can bear losing my house or my car or anything like that but not my babies. The thought makes my stomach turn, so I’m moving on.

Other than the tornadoes all over the place, it was an uneventful weekend. I did watch series 2 of Wallander, and Spice World, which I hadn’t seen in 72 years. What else? I made stir-fry, did laundry, should have given Buster a bath but didn’t. Like I said, uneventful. I didn’t even get my yard mowed because it rained Saturday night.

Gosh, this is boring today. So, I’m wrapping it up – the blog challenge can wait. I’ll be back tomorrow with Top Ten Tuesday, and hopefully, I will be in a better mood.


One comment

  1. Chakshu Baweja · May 20, 2013

    well clearly seems it was a tough day !! have a nice time and god bless you people !!


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