What can you say?

I think it’s safe to say that most of the world now knows about the devastation that occurred yesterday afternoon in Moore, OK…half of a mile from one of my best friends. Thankfully, Cynthia, Grant, Walter, Alison, Johnnie & Michael are all fine. Grant & Cynthia’s home if fine. But so many were not so fortunate – homes completely destroyed, loved ones lost, and then the children…it absolutely breaks my heart. I can’t even imagine.

It’s so hard to process something like this happening. We see it on TV–the war zones overseas, the building that collapsed in Bangladesh, the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan–but it’s so very different when it happens in the place you call home. Oklahoma isn’t a large state, so when something big happens–be it good or bad–I think we all feel it. And that’s a good thing, if you ask me. We rally together in times like these. You can already see it. It was already starting last night, people gathering supplies, volunteering, donating, praying…and it won’t stop there. We will continue to help in any way we can. A few of ways you can donate funds:

  1. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross.facebook_-1746873142
  2. Text FOOD to 32333 to make a $10 donation to donate to a relief fund.
  3. Text STORM to 80888 to make a $10 donation to The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is also asking for bottled water, Gatorade, wipes, diapers, baby formula, hand towels, individually wrapped snacks, and work gloves to be donated.
  4. Here in Stillwater, donations can be dropped off at the OSU Campus Life office on the 2nd floor of the Student Union today thru Thursday.
  5. Here is a list of donation drop-off locations in the Metro area.

And if you can’t donate money or items, pray – for the victims, for the missing, for the workers and volunteers, for the City of Moore and the state of Oklahoma.

I debated doing Top Ten Tuesday today, but I needed a pick-me-up, so here’s today’s topic – top ten favorite covers of books you’ve read:


I haven’t actually read the last two, but I plan on reading them and I love the covers. And Jamie At Home is a cookbook, but it’s an exceptionally beautiful one from possibly my favorite chef that I look to for inspiration often.

My heart and my prayers are with my fellow Oklahomans in Moore and everywhere else.

*Update for Stillwater-area residents: Cowboy Country 105.5 and The Red Cross are hosting a relief/benefit concert at Eskimo Joe’s starting at 8pm tomorrow night.



  1. Holly P. · May 21, 2013

    It truly is amazing to see everyone coming together. I have only lived in Oklahoma for 3 years and it is amazing the amount of support I’ve seen today! Keep the prayers coming 🙂


  2. sydneyday · May 21, 2013

    It really is! Makes me proud to be an Okie :).


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