Before and After

This seems to be where this day is headed, unfortunately. “Frazzled” is a good word for it – I feel like a chicken running around with it’s cut off.

Our receptionist is on vacation, and this morning has been insane – all these things I don’t really know how to do need to be done. There’s a important meeting going on, so I have to be on alert for anything they need (which always makes me nervous because I’m not exactly the most graceful or “professional” person–because I get too nervous–and I’m wearing a Walking Dead t-shirt for goodness sake).

On top of all of that stuff completely taking over my morning, I have all my own work to finish for May and we have a girl who just had her baby this week (congratulation to her!), so I have my part of her stuff to done as well. I have more errands to run over lunch than I can actually get done in an hour, and I still have to got to Walmart (aka the 10th circle of Hell – I think Dante would have added a circle just for Walmart/DMV or tag office/IRS, and similar entities) after work to get groceries because I have no food for myself or the dogs.

On a brighter note–because I really don’t want to complain through this whole thing–I sold all three pairs of shoes I mentioned earlier this week, which is fantastic and will help get me almost completely caught-up. Huge blessing – I really needed that. Another good thing: this weekend is book club, which I always look forward to.

And on that note, I can’t spend anymore time on this. But I needed to vent a little.

Happy Friday!


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