Hello there.

Hello again. Time to catch up on things, starting with last weekend.

This is what Tienna and I did Saturday morning:


Yep. We started making signs out of pallets. And I used the saw. I highly recommend it. It’s alot of fun. These two are unfinished, and we have several more we want to make. This is (hopefully) just the beginning.

I was supposed to go to a cook-out at my aunt’s Saturday night, but I was so tired, I skipped it. The last couple of weeks I haven’t been sleeping, and it’s really starting to take it’s tole. I’m so exhausted all the time–to the point where I’m fighting all day to keep my eyes open. I really don’t want to go thru this hell again, so I’m praying it turns around soon.

Then there was Sunday – not the best day I’ve had. As you probably know, Sunday was Father’s Day–my second without my dad. So it was rough. I ended up locking myself in my house and ignoring the outside world all day (that’s why I didn’t respond to those of you who called or text me). Up until that day, I was able push it all aside and kind of ignore it. I just told myself it was just another day, nothing special about it. That was all well and good until Sunday actually got here. And I’m pretty sure that’s just going to be a particularly difficult day for me for a very long time.

Moving on, or I”m gonna start crying at work, Monday morning at about 5am, I got a little surprise–I was sick. I guess I got a stomach bug of some sort that had me upchucking all day. I ended up missing work Tuesday as well because I still felt really yucky. Usually when I’m sick, the kiddos constantly check on my, especially Duke. Then there’s Ellie:


I get back to my camp on the couch, and this is what I find in my place. Apparently, she didn’t care that I was sick. There was a pillow for her to lay on, and a blanket for her to get under, so she was taking advantage of it.

Gotta love them.

Anything else? I missed Top Ten Tuesday this week, I didn’t even look to see what the theme was. And I missed music post Γ ( Gamma–third letter of the Greek alphabet) on Wednesday. I’m not going to make up TTT, but I couldn’t just skip the music altogether, so I decided to throw together a playlist this morning–there is no rhyme or reason to it, really. It’s just songs I’ve heard on BBC radio the last couple of days while working that I don’t have in my iTunes that I need to download.

Now I’m going to finish my Chipotle, then get back to work.



  1. Veronica · June 24, 2013

    haha the dog stealing your spot is hilarious and precious!


    • sydneyday · June 24, 2013

      She’s always entertaining, that’s for sure!


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