It’s not Monday, it’s Wednesday.

That’s my mantra for today: “It’s not Monday, it’s Wednesday. Really, it’s not your Monday, it’s your Wednesday.” Hopefully, it will work because this (thankfully) short week isn’t really starting out great for us. (And by us, I mean myself–obviously–and the Three Musketeers–who know who they are. I guess that makes me Dartanyan. I am the youngest after all.)

Anyway, bitchy morning behind us, I think it’s time to move on my weekend recap. It’s wasn’t all that exciting. Then again, most of my weekends aren’t. Saturday I spent about 6 hours cleaning–my house was really messy–then I read a good chunk of The Maze Runner, and I don’t really remember what else I did. I know I watched the Doctor Who Revisited stuff, but other than that it’s kind of blank. So, moving on to Sunday – I did nothing and it was wonderful. I read alot (and I’m almost finished with The Maze Runner – less than a 1/4 left), I had a Harry Potter half-marathon–Goblet of Fire thru Deathly Hallows pt. 2–and I watched all of my shows (Copper, True Blood, Inspector Lewis, and–please don’t judge me–The Wanted Life).

I really am glad this is only a three-day work week. I’m looking forward to a cook-out on Thursday and then crafting and organizing and mowing (if it doesn’t rain) and reading over the long weekend. And it’s not going to be unbearably hot, which is a big plus.

I’m really looking forward to Music You Should Know Wednesday: Ε and you should be too, because it’s going to be a DOUBLE DOSE of music! Yep, two artists that I’m really loving – well, one I’ve really liked for quite a while, the other is pretty new to me. And they are very different, but they did both just play Glastonbury, so they have that in common.

I’m out now, only one more hour until the work day is over and I get to go home and binge-watch two discs of series three of Doctor Who and watch Under the Dome and finish reading The Maze Runner!


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