Music You Should Know Wednesday: E

Welcome to MYSKW: Epsilon! As promised, you get a double-dose of music this week in the form of two emerging artists, both of whom just played rocked it at Glastonbury. First up is indie-folk singer/songwriter Jake Bugg whom I’ve know about and been listening to for while, but I’m just now really getting into his music and its wonderful. Second has a completely different sound. They are HAIM, a group of sisters + a drummer hailing from L.A. that I just discovered (thanks to BBC Radio – American stations, at least ones around hear, apparently don’t play them) and am quickly growing to love. This may sound weird, but they kind of remind me of Wilson Phillips (which is awesome) – there music has this 90s vibe that I love. The 90s rocked music-wise. Don’t argue, they did.

And just because I can, a bonus track! The new Arctic Monkeys single! (Which I seriously love.)

And that’s it for this Wednesday (that is actually my Friday)!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!


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