Music You Should Know Wednesday: Z

Hello there!

It’s that time of the week yet again! Yes, welcome to Music You Should Know Wednesday: Zeta.

This week’s artist was brought to my attention by the wonderful Burberry Acoustic project, which you should definitely check out. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. I have discovered so many great artists through Burberry Acoustic over the last several years.  It’s kind of like heaven.

Now for the big reveal! This week’s featured artist is Luke Sital-Singh. What kind of music does he make? Well, he’s been compared to the likes of Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Jeff Buckley…you should be forming a clear picture sound in your head right about now. And if you aren’t familiar with any of those three (you should be familiar with them if you aren’t), then you can just skip to step two: listen to the songs below. I personally think he is one of the best singer-songwriters I have come across in some time. His music is quite beautiful, actually. Enjoy.



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  1. MinivanMomma · July 12, 2013

    Hi Sydney–I’m loving your blog! 🙂

    Could you pleas email me at Thanks!


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