Technically, it’s Top Ten Tuesday…

But I’m skipping it this week because I couldn’t come up with a good enough list. Instead, I have recipes, as promised!

First up is quite possibly, the most amazing thing I have ever made in my entire life – the pumpkin cinnamon rolls I posted about earlier this week:

And now, for the balsamic pan-seared salmon (though you can use any other kind of fish or even chicken):

That’s all for today. By the way, here a testament to how damn good those cinnamon rolls are – I’m going to risk making my house even hotter than it already is on a normal summer day (anywhere from 78-81 in the evenings, because my A/C doesn’t keep up very well), just so I can eat some more of these suckers and have them for breakfast the rest of the week. I think they are my kryptonite. Even more so than pumpkin pie or apple pie or pumpkin lattes.


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