“There’s got to be an explanation for this…”

“There’s got to be an explanation for this; like he’s the Lord of Winterfell or something.” You can thank Schmidt for that nugget. Re-runs of The New Girl are great, especially since I didn’t see the first season.

I have a (rhetorical) question for all of my fellow Americans: why do we feel the need to remake foreign shows & films that are already great?! This is coming from the news that Fox is remaking Broadchurch, an ITV show (starring David Tennant) about the mysterious murder of an 11-year old boy that starts airing next week on BBC America – and I have been looking forward to it for months now, because all I have heard about it is that is a really great show. I’m excited.

But why in hell do we have to remake it?! I can kind of see the point in remaking shows/films that are in a language other than English – like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Killing. And they are both good (actually, The Killing is great, and TGWTDT is good, though the Swedish films are WAY better). Obviously, I watch many of the remakes – most of them are good, some are even very good, (The Office being a perfect example here). But, ugh! It just frustrates me. It feels like cheating to me and there is always something lacking, something missing.

And really, America isn’t just obsessed with remaking foreign cinema, we remake EVERYTHING. And again, I watch many of them. If a remake of a movie I’m fond of comes out, I often watch it so that I can compare it to the original. But some things just shouldn’t be messed with.

And that’s my little rant on this oppressively humid day. Now, I turn to very exciting news…at least it’s very exciting if you are a Whovian. This Sunday, at 1pm central, on BBC America, the moment we all been waiting for is set to happen: the announcment of the 12th Doctor!!!!! It’s like an early birthday present. So tune in or set your DVRs. I, for one, will already be glued to BBC America because they are having a mini marathon of Doctor Who which just so happens to perfect coincide with were I am at. I think it’s fate.

Speaking of birthdays…the countdown is on & we are now at 17 days. I’m taking a vacation day on my birthday & I’m trying to decide what I want to do with my day off. I really want to get my hair done. I’ve been dying for a texture wave and I desperately want to get it colored because I want to go red (dark auburn to be exact) and that’s not something I can really do on my own since it’s technically going lighter. These are some examples of what I’m going for. I don’t want too much violet in there, but I do want a little.


So, that’s about it for now!



  1. Tienna · August 2, 2013

    Oooh I love the hair ideas! I’m going dark at my next hair appointment this month as well. Just ready for a change. Plus, I want to start my 30s with a bold move. Haha!


    • sydneyday · August 2, 2013

      Yep, I need a change, too, or I’m gonna cut it. The desire to chop it all off has been severe lately. So I have to do something to keep it interesting while it’s still growing. And I’ve wanted it this color for years but never did it. By the way, I can’t wait to see your hair darker!


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