Hopeless Wanderer

Quick recap of the weekend: Book club was great even though I didn’t finish the book in time. But I’ve only got about a third left! Next month our book club meeting is going to be a wine tasting/painting thing that I think we are all pretty excited about. Yesterday was the big announcement, you can see my posts from Sunday for more on that. An other than that, I slept & read off and on all day Sunday–for whatever reason I was flat-out exhausted–though I did finished the fourth series of Doctor Who (and cried of course) and re-watched series two of Sherlock, because I needed a fix and God only knows–well, God and Moffatt–when that’s going to air.

Other than that, I just have one thing to share with you fine folks on this Monday afternoon: Mumford & Sons new video for “Hopeless Wanderer.” It pretty much made my day. I love a band who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. So if you want to be entertained and you are in need of a laugh (especially if you are a fan of Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and/or Will Forte), then you really should watch this.


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