Music You Should Know Wednesday: Kappa & Some Nerdiness

And we’re back on the correct day this week! Lat week was technically Iota, even though I didn’t actually put that anywhere in the post, hence it looks like I skipped from Theta to Kappa (of course, if you aren’t familiar with the Greek alphabet, then it doesn’t really matter).

I’m not really thinking straight today, my head’s all foggy and and I just can’t focus. So, pardon me if this post makes even less sense than normal, or if there are rampant spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Before I get to the music today, I have some nerdiness to share. First up is an update on the TARDIS in Orbit Kickstarter campaign that I’m pretty sure I have posted about before. If I had money, I would have funded this WHOtastic project, but I don’t, so I just tell people about it.

Next is literary nerdiness: this is a link to the 20 most beautiful bookstores as put together by FlavorWire. My personal favorites are as follows (#1 is actually my number one, the rest aren’t really in an order):

  1. Shakespeare & Co. in Paris – I’m pretty sure that I could live there. One day I would actually like to see it in person, though.
  2. Livraria Lello in Portugal
  3. Libreria el Ateneo Grand Splendid in Argentina
  4. Barter Book in Alnwick (UK)
  5. Bart’s Books in Ojai, CA

And there’s also this – the 25 best websites for bookish people, also compiled by FlavorWire.

My fellow literature lovers: you’re welcome. Now to the music.

Today’s ear candy is courtesy of yet another one of my favorite bands: The Avett Brothers. Who are they? Well, they are brothers (shocking, I know), Seth and Scott Avett, as well as a few other band members–currently Joe Kwon, Jacob Edwards & Bob Crawford–and they make rock music mixed with folk and bluegrass…basically, they are indie/folk/rock yumminess. And, yes, music can be yummy. My favorite song by them is the first one on the playlist, so start there. As always, enjoy!



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