Yes, it’s Top Ten Tuesday, but I’m skipping this week because A) I don’t really have time, and B) I probably would be able to come up with much of a list. So we move on. We are now in the home stretch, people. That’s right! It is less than one week until my birthday! My big plans are dinner, possibly drinks, & the piece de resistance: The World’s End, which I have been dying to see for quite some time. Plus I get to have dinner with my mom (who’s birthday is Friday) & some family & friends this Sunday night, then my aunt & cousins are taking me to dinner on my birthday. Oh, and I get goodies at work, too. And I still plan on getting my hair done, if I have the funds to do it. I forgot how expensive it can be getting your hair colored in an actual salon as opposed to doing yourself in your bathroom :).

This is really all I have time for today. It’s time to get back to reconciling credit cards in our overcrowded conference room that has been taken over by our AP department as we get new paint, and carpet and cubicles (yay!).

I almost forgot this…

Star Wars wedding photo…who wouldn’t want this?! (Click image to go to article.)


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