Just a quick one…

First off, pretty blah weekend – another migraine. I did get to see my grandmother & my aunt on Sunday, which was nice. And I cook some amazing pork roast with apples & honey & cinnamon & maple…seriously one of the best things I have ever made. I will try and get that recipe up this week. Yesterday was out company’s annual golf scramble to benefit St. Jude’s, and it went pretty well, I think, even considering the late start & the rain delay.  And I got to be out of the office all day :).

Blogtember is on hiatus for me until further notice. I’m not going to mess with trying to catch up, but I will hopefully start back up later this week. I do have my Top Ten Tuesday list today! Today’s topic is top ten books on your Fall 2013 to-read list. Difficult but doable!


  1. S by Doug Dorst & JJ Abrams – yes, THAT JJ Abrams. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailers for this book–yes the book has trailers–you are in luck!

  2. The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black by E.B. Hudspeththis books weird and creepy & really cool. I’ve already ordered it & now I’m just waiting to see that Amazon package in my mailbox!
  3. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King – I loved The Shining & I’m really excited for the next chapter! I hope it lives up to be expectations, which are admittedly pretty high.
  4. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – this looks so good, and I can’t wait to read it. A girl awaiting execution for murder on an isolated farm in Iceland…how can you not be interested in this story?
  5. Locke & Key Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez – this will be my first (and I highly doubt my last) foray into graphic novels/comics and I’m really excited to read it.
  6. Allegiant by Veronica Roth – I can’t wait to continue on with Tris & Four and everyone else!
  7. Horns by Joe Hill – This is our October book club pick, which I’ve wanted to read for years and never got around too (story of my life, pretty much). The plan, I think, is read, go see the movie, and then go to a haunted a house. This may turn out to be my favorite book club get-together yet!
  8. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – I still haven’t read this, & I really want to, so hopefully I will get to it this Fall.
  9. Cinder by Marissa Meyer – another one I haven’t gotten to just yet & really want to read.
  10. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrell – the description of this book doesn’t sound bad, but it hasn’t pulled me in, either. However, it has received such good reviews, that I plan on giving it a shot in hopes it will be another Girl With The Dragon Tattoo situation, but I’m trying not to get those hopes up too high, just in case.

And that’s all for me today, folks! Lunch is about over & I have to get back to trying to get caught up at work!



  1. Susan (Bloggin' 'bout Books) · September 17, 2013

    Nice picks! I love CINDER and its sequel, SCARLET. Excellent series. I’m also looking forward to ALL OUR YESTERDAYS and BURIAL RITES. I need to re-read THE SHINING before I tackle DOCTOR SLEEP — too bad it’s such a gargantuan (and creepy!) book.

    Happy TTT!


  2. sydneyday · September 17, 2013

    Thanks! I probably need to re-read The Shinning, too, before Doctor Sleep. I’ve got a month, so maybe I can get it done!

    Happy TTT right back to you 🙂


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