How about some crafty/decor goodness?

Guess what? It’s Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means it’s payday! And I need it!

I don’t know if this is true for any of you as well, but last night was an intense evening of television. At least for a few hours it was. I started things off with the two-hour season premiere of Law & Order: SVU, and the first half of the show in particular was crazy. I had actually forgotten how last season ended, so I wasn’t really prepared for it. After SVU came the finale of Broadchurch (which you should REALLY watch sometime, and therefore, should skip this next part of my post), revealing Danny’s killer (spoilers ahead). I so did not see that one coming. JOE?! It was Joe?! He wasn’t even on my radar! I was utterly shocked. I actually gasped out loud. Which, of course, is part of what made the show so amazingly good–it kept me guessing! I must admit I had a good cry while watching it. And you can’t really blame me. I don’t know which part was worse to watch:

  • Alec telling Ellie that her husband was the killer they had been looking for, and not only did he strangle an 11-year-old boy and try and make it look like an accident, but that he was IN LOVE with that boy.
  • Alec telling Danny’s family that their son’s best friend’s dad, the husband of a detective, a friend & neighbor, was in love with their son & killed him.
  • Ellie telling Tom that his dad was in love with, and then killed, his best friend.

Like I said, intense. But so good. This is just another perfect example of the brilliance of British television. People wonder why I’m so obsessed…

Now for a Blogtember update. I had planned on participating in today’s topic, but one I started writing, I changed my mind. It is a topic that has the potential to get rather deep & very “feely,” so I think I need some time with it, let it marinate, tweak it a bit. But I hope to post it sometime in the near future – though I make no promises on that.

And I guess now is crafty/decorating goodness time! I know I have mentioned this before, but Fall is my favorite season, so I tend to go all-out for it, and for Halloween. Well, as all-out as my budget will allow. And  I’m really just getting started! Here is what I have going on in my casa & at work right now:


Yes, it’s been broken and chewed on by a dog. But I love it, so until it is in tiny little pieces, I will continue to use it!


I just realized the pennant banner I made is hanging up there crooked. I have to remember to fix that when I get home tonight.


A close-up of the sign on top of the window. This, too, has been chewed on & broken by a dog. Part of the D is missing, the broom used to look much better, and there used to be a wire handle across the top & three witch hats hanging from the broom handle. But alas, I love this one as well, so it’s not going anywhere.



My new platter! Half-off at Hobby Lobby & cute as can be. And it works in both my living room & my kitchen, since it’s primarily green and orange!

Now for a few of my goodies at work:


My adorably creepy owl. I’m going to have to go back and get another one for my house, too.


My bookish ghouls.


This my current vehicle of choice.


He keeps trying to get into my filing cabinet. I think the rest of him may be in there…


My adorbs candy bucket that doesn’t yet have much candy in it. But it will!

And I think that about wraps things up for me today. Wow, actually getting my post out at lunch – that almost never happens.



  1. Stephanie · September 26, 2013

    I LOVE all of your decorations! 🙂


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