I guess this week it’s “music you should know THURSDAY.”

Happy Thursday, all!

I didn’t get a chance to pull a music post together yesterday, but I do have one for you today! And we’ll get to that later. Firstly, I will be on a blog hiatus for about a week, maybe longer, starting next Thursday, because I will be on a cruise with my mom & my soon-to-be step-sisters! I’m SO looking forward to this! I haven’t had a vacation in what feels like 1.7546 million years. And it will be fun to have some girl time :).

Even though I’m looking forward to it, I’m a little anxious about leaving my babies for several days. Experiences from the last year or two have given me a dose of separation anxiety. Even though I know they will be in the very good & capable hands of friends & family–who will not only feed them & let them out, but will also love on them–leaving them stresses me out much more than it used too. Though I keep telling myself everything will be fine–logically I know that is the most likely scenario–I’m afraid my anxiety is only going to escalate as we get closer to departure day. So, if you are the praying type, please say a little prayer for me!

Movie funness! You may have guessed this from many previous posts–and possibly from the countdown I have going over there (→)–but I’m super excited for Thor: The Dark World. This is only further proof of that.


Yes, that is a collage of eight of the 15 posters that have been released to date. You can see all of them (as well as stock up on tons of other movie news) on one of my favorite websites, Empire Magazine.

Now, on to tonight: I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but it’s  the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, and it’s the series premiere of TVD’s spin-off, The Originals!! I’m so very glad they decided to do a spin-off centered around Klaus, because, even though he’s technically a baddie, I have a soft spot for him. Pretty much the same situation with Damon. And Loki. And Khan. I’m sensing a pattern here…Moving on, it’s going to be a good night in TV land. Actually, it’s looking like it’s going to be a good night in The Gypsy Den all-together, seeing as I’m also making Italian wedding soup tonight!


I shouldn’t have mentioned the soup because now I’m craving it, dammit! (That should be read in Joey Tribbiani’s voice, by the way.)

Moving to books, today an interesting question was posed over at The Broke and the Bookish: how do you arrange your bookshelves?  Personally, my bookshelf is arranged in groups. I don’t really like to say “genre” because that would only be somewhat true. Here’s a taste of my groupings: classics, historical fiction/epics, non-fiction, witches, vampires, supernatural/fantasy, reference, crime/mystery, currently reading…I’m pretty sure I have more groups than that, but that’s I all I think of right now. What about you guys?

What’s left today?

Oh! I almost forgot the music! I haven’t been able to settle on any one particular artist today, so, as I’ve done in the past, I put together a sampling of the playlist I’ve been listening to the most lately. If you are currently a Spotify user (or want to be), you can listen to the whole thing here. Enjoy!

See you folks tomorrow with a rather massive post of movie wondrous movie trailers!


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