Blink and you’re dead.

I now have 17 days to get all caught up on Doctor Who. A tall order? Yes. I guess I will just have to commit myself to binge-watching multiple times over the next two and half weeks. What a shame, it shall be so torturous… 😉

There will, of course, have to be a wee break tomorrow evening around 8:30ish because I will be GOING TO SEE THOR: THE DARK WORLD!!!!!! Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited?!

Now, on to music!


It has already been a musical week on the sydney project, but today is the official “music day” on this here blog. In tune with last week, I couldn’t settle on one particular artist to feature, so instead I have my most played songs thus far this week on Spotify. Artists include Haim, The 1975, The National, Roo Panes, Marcus Foster, CHVRCHES, Great Peacock, JT, Peter and The Wolf, One Direction (though it seriously pains me admit it), and The Oh Hello’s. Oh, and Andrew Belle. And McFly would be on here, but seeing as there is no music newer than 2009 on their Spotify profile, you can go to Monday’s post and listen to their new single that I have listened to 7 9 times already today. You’d think I would get sick of it, but: nope.





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