A (Mostly) Indie Christmas Playlist!

And here it is: A (Mostly) Indie Christmas playlist!

You may have noticed my taste in music varies while still tending to focus on the indie/folk vibe. Why should it be any different for Christmas?! Don’t take me wrong: I  love traditional Christmas music. But everybody knows those. This playlist (hopefully) introduces you to some versions of classic Christmas tunes that you’ve never laid ears on! There are still some non-indie artists on here, too. I mean, I couldn’t just leave out Eartha Kitt or Michael Bublé. That’s sacrilege.

There were a few songs that I really wanted to include but couldn’t find amidst the awful covers on SoundCloud. Instead, I’ve listed them below & I implore you to seek them out and give them a listen!

  1. Fairytale of New York The Pogues (the original) & the version by Stars.
  2. Christmas Is Coming Soon – Blitzen Trapper
  3. Christmas Isn’t Christmas – The Boy Most Likely To
  4. Christmas in Prison – Emmy the Great & Lightspeed Champion
  5. Frosty the Snowman – Fiona Apple
  6. It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop – Frightened Rabbit
  7. Santa’s Lost His Mojo – Jeremy Lister
  8. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Joshua James
  9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Glee 
  10. The entire A Very She & Him Christmas album
  11. Happy Christmas (War is Over) – Maroon 5
  12. All I Want For Christmas – Matt Costa
  13. Snow Will Fall Tonight – Peter Bradley Adams
  14. Christmas Eve for Two – Summer Fiction
  15. Holiday – Vampire Weekend

Hope you enjoy!


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