And another one begins!

Another week has started & it’s looking like it’s going to about as stressful as last week was, unfortunately, as I try my darnedest to get completely caught-up before I’m off for Christmas & New Years. Otherwise, I may be quitting my job come January 2nd.

My blogging has been very sporadic as of late, and I don’t see that changing until after the first of year. It’s a shame, but something has to give and the creativity center of my brain has been pretty dried up. There is hope though, at least according to my horoscope via the Free People blog:

leo star sign illustrationLEO

July 23–August 22

You could feel pulled in different directions when an excitable full moon in your group sector conflicts with five other planets this week. Emotional drama with friends, colleagues or an organization you belong to are possibilities, or you may suddenly feel like your social obligations are too much. Being yourself will seem at odds somehow with the needs of a group. Family, work or spirituality may also come into conflict with your social life, your love life or professional networking. But with independent Uranus going direct in your vision sector after five months retrograde, your optimism will gradually return if it’s waned, and your anticipation over broadening horizons builds. As your ruler the sun enters your details-and-duties house at the winter solstice, you’ll become more focused on your job, health, diet, fitness, daily routine, time management, habits, pets, chores, errands, skills and responsibilities. With Venus turning retrograde there hours after the sun changes signs, a reevaluation process of many of these issues will begin. Follow your heart and concentrate on aligning self-improvement with your inner values.

That whole “more focused” thing – I really hope it’s true.
Now on to…I don’t remember! I know there was something else! Oh! I remember now!
Yesterday, I started binge-watching a new series, Les Revenants (a.k.a. The Returned). I’ve been reading alot about this show lately, specifically on Empire Magazine year-end review of 2013’s best TV shows/miniseries. I actually added it to my Netflix queue just last week. Then, to my surprise & excitement, Sundance Channel ran a marathon Sunday & I caught it just in time. No more waiting until January for the DVD release for me!
Many have called it “the French version of The Walking Dead,” but that really isn’t an appropriate comparison, in my opinion. The speed of shows is completely different: The Returned is a much slower-paced show, at least thus far. There is alot going on. It’s intriguing, to say the very least.
The only thing the two shows really have in common is the undead. That’s it. They are, in all actuality, very different shows. For example, where TWD have your more traditional zombies, The Returned‘s “zombies” look just as they did before they died.  I was hooked before I even finished the first episode. The show is so good it aired, in it’s original French, in both the UK and the US. I still have three episodes to watch tonight before the finale airs later this week. I’ve been looking forward to it all day long.
Conclusion: WATCH IT! If you get the chance (I believe it’s all airing again sometime this week on Sundance), take it! You won’t regret it!
Now, I’m off to go home, bake cookies, and watch The Returned!

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