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I’m back!

Sorry for the extended absence. It wasn’t exactly planned. I just reached a point where the thought of having to write a new post was no longer an appealing or even cathartic one. Basically, I just needed a break–and not just from blogging, but from everything. The last few months have been stressful, to say the absolute least. I became stuck in my depression for a while, but I have finally reached the point where I feel I can begin to take some steps to start breaking free from it . (This is thanks, in no small part, to Music, especially the following:


The Arctic Monkey, HAIM, Kacey Musgraves, The 1975–mostly The 1975 honestly–, Bastille, The NBHD, Hey Marseilles, and Kodaline – huge thanks to you all…not that you will ever read this.

Not much has transpired in my absence. The only notable thing I can think of is that my hair isn’t red anymore, and that just happen this weekend. It’s back to a soft black and it feels so good. Other than that, I finished The Night Circus–which I loved, by the way–and I’m currently going thru a slightly obsessive black and white phase.

I’m hopefully going to get back in habit of blogging over the coming weeks. It won’t be every day. I’m shooting for more like 2 to 3 times a week for the foreseeable future.  And I’m not going to stick to any schedule (i.e. music on Wednesdays, books on Tuesdays, etc.). I think I’m just going to feel my way thru it for a while.

I leave you today with this: Kacey Musgraves’ newest single simply because I adore it & it’s message, and it’s the namesake of my post today. (Also, you should check out her album. There is a reason she won that Grammy.)



  1. cass13alexandria · February 3, 2014

    I like Kasey musgraves music!! I saw her in concert at the Kenny Chesney concert last year and was very close to getting to take a picture with her in line but then they closed off the line but I did see her up close and personal 😄 haha


    • sydneyday · February 4, 2014

      So close! 🙂 I just started listening to her album at work a couple of weeks ago & was surprised at how good it is! I really like her.


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