Movies & Music!

Just a quick post today to introduce you to 1) a singer-songwriter I just this morning discovered, and 2) some Indie movies I’m dying to see.

Now, I have the great pleasure to introduce you to Kit Harrington’s (aka Jon Snow on Game of Thrones) twin,  Billy Lockett! He’s a self-taught singer-songwriter from Northampton, UK. Right up my alley. I already love him. Here are two of his songs. Oh, and he’s not really Kit Harrington’s twin…at least I don’t think so. But he looks an awful lot like the rogue Nightwatchman/bastard son of Ned Stark.

Now on to those Indie movies:

First up is The Pretty One, starring New Girl’s Jake Johnson & Zoe Kazan. It’s about twins who are in a car acccident & basically their identities are switched when one dies because of the accident.

Next up is A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, which actually came out in UK about two years ago. It stars Simon Pegg (which is really all I need to know), and it looks odd and fantastic.

Lastly is In Secret (which I may have included in a previous post), which has Elizabeth Olsen in a seemingly sexless/loveless marriage to Draco Malfoy Tom Felton, but she starts an affair with his friend, Llewyn Davis Oscar Isaac, then hubby “dies” and his mother, (the former Supreme) Jessica Lange is heartbroken & basically, things don’t quite go according to plan. Oh, and it’s set in the 19th century. I’m in.

Now  I leave you with a dash or adorableness courtesy of Sesame Street and Sherkhanberbatch the Dragon (aka Benedict Cumberbath). It’s not quite as adorable as Tom Hiddleston & Cookie Monster, but it’s still pretty great.

Kirk out.


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