Spin posted this yesterday: a map of the most distinctive artist per state. This is not the the most popular artist by state. It instead shows “the artists that are most popular in a given state versus the other states.” And there is a caveat – the map shows “the top most distinctive popular artist for a state that hasn’t already been selected for a more populous state.” Therefore, it is slightly misleading, in that there isn’t quite as much difference state-by-state as the map suggests. Even so, it’s fun to look at, and see where your tastes fit in better. Apparently, even though there are several artists on here that I really like, I don’t really fit in any state. Not surprising, honestly. I’ve known for quite some time that I actually belong in England, or somewhere in the UK. 🙂

The Echo Nest, state, map, distinctive, famous

In other music news, M83’s track from the Divergent soundtrack, “I Need You,” has been revealed! Of the songs we’ve heard thus far, it’s my favorite. But then, I love most every by M83.

And now for even more music! It’s quite the change of pace from M83. Celebrate diversity! And before we get to it, I have to say: I love Twitter. You tweet about music, get followed by independent or unsigned artists & end finding so much more music to obsess over. And this is exactly what happened this morning!

Say hello to IDIOM! Their bassist, Grant Knight, followed me on Twitter, so naturally, I went to give them a listen. Not what I was expecting, but immediately loved their music. First listen to the first song is all it took. I am now a fan & want to see them live. But, seeing as they are in the UK and I’m stuck here in the US–at least for now–it’s not going to happen anytime soon. And now, instead of listening to one of my folk playlists as planned, I’m rocking out (literally) to their Movement EP, which just so happens to be below! Give them a listen, oh, and be prepared for some screaming :).

One more thing worth noting/celebrating: the Arctic Monkeys pretty much cleaned up at the NME Awards last night. 😉


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