I haven’t been this excited about a Friday since last Friday.

The weekend is upon us!


I’m hoping for a productive weekend (fingers-crossed I make major progress on my Spring Cleaning). And the weather will be nice, which is a major plus. I really need some nature time & some play time with my dogs. It also looks like it will be a good movie weekend: I have American Hustle and Blue Is The Warmest Color arriving tomorrow!

This weekend also happens to include one of the events I dread the most in the world: the season finale of The Walking Dead. I’M NOT READY!

In other news, I have finally lost enough poundage to fit back into my Karen Hallion “Snow White/TARDIS” t-shirt! It’s one of my absolute favorite shirts of all time, and I haven’t been able to comfortably wear it in public in almost a year. SUCCESS IS MINE! By the way, if you haven’t seen Karen’s illustrations yet, especially her fairy-tale-meets-Doctor-Who illustrations, SHAME ON YOU! They are wonderfully nerdy & adorable & amazing. Here are a few of my favorites (including the one I’m wearing), but there are many more!

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You can get shirts featuring her illustrations on RedBubble, TeeFury, TeePublic (my favorite), and more. She is also on Tumblr and DeviantArt. Just Google her.

 Enjoy your weekend! Kirk out! 


QOTD: March 27, 2014

I’m trying to decide if the QOTD should be posted in it’s own, separate post each day, or if I should just have one mass post. Thoughts & comments are welcome :).


Skin and bone.

It’s Thursday! That means tomorrow is payday (thank the gods), and it’s almost the weekend!

As I write this, I’m still trying to decide on what music to share today, as I’ve come across four new artists in the last hour alone. Trying to pick one or two to share is always a daunting task. My life’s mission is to share all the music that I find, though I doubt it actually happens. Even so, I’m determined to try!

Since I have yet to decide, I’ll start things off with This Is Beard, a website/awareness campaign started by Australian Scott Maggs, though he is better known around the Internet as “Jimmy Niggles.” That’s how I first came across him and his fantastic beard–in case you were not aware, I’m a pogonophile, a lover of beards–a few months ago on Pinterest. But it wasn’t until last week that I finally got around to Googling his name. (With a name like Jimmy Niggles, how can you NOT Google him?!) I’m glad I did, because the story behind his beard & website is something that needs to be heard. Here’s the story Jimmy’s own words:

9: 30 am and I’m up to five, now. And we have a winner! This guy is the best of the morning by far, and I’ve only heard two songs. Let me introduce you to Jacob Thomas, Jr. It’s just him & his guitar, and that’s all it needs. Hear for yourself.

His debut, Original Sin, is available to download off of his website, and you can get two tracks free on Brite Revolution.  

In other music news, Fleetwood Mac are going on tour this fall! They aren’t coming to Oklahoma, but they will be in Dallas. Close enough! I don’t think I can allow myself to miss this.

One last thing: it’s TBT!


Ah, Sue Flay :). From our play my senior year of high school…which was 8 years ago.

That does it for today. Look out for a QOTD post later today!


The cold, easy life of a loner.

Hidey-ho, neighbor.

Jumping right in, after quite some time primarily listening to various types of rock music, I’m back to my roots with acoustic, back-porch, folksy music. And with that in mind, it’s time for you to meet Rayland Baxter, a singer-songwriter from Music City.

Though raised around music (his dad was a multi-instrumentalist who played for the likes of Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and Ryan Adams, among others), he didn’t really start writing & playing until his mid 20s – after bouncing from Nashville to Colorado to Israel, and back again.

I, for one, am incredibly happy he eventually followed the call of the music muse. I just recently came across his songs, and haven’t been able to stop listening. His music is beautiful: both instrumentally and lyrically, every, single song evoking true emotion. As his label, ATO, put’s it,

“His songs are a calming force for anyone looking for change, for love, or wanting to walk in a different direction—because it was his own quest for all those things that motivated the music.”

To kick things off, what is probably my favorite of his songs, “The Woman For Me,” followed by a few more tracks to dive in to. Do yourself a favor & give him a listen.