Royal rebellious gypsy.

A week or two ago, I found this pretty awesome perfumery online, called Pinrose. The premise is that your scent should reflect your personality. I love this idea. I think that you should take every opportunity to express your personality, whatever it may be. It’s taken me years to really embrace who I am, and the desire to express my true self grows stronger & stronger with each passing day. Scent is just one more avenue to do just that. Here’s how it works:

You take a quiz–a personality quiz–and it suggests three scents to match. They will then send you samples of those three scents practically for free – just $1.00 s&h. Period. Or, you can purchase a sampler of all ten scents for $5.

The other really cool thing about Pinrose, what really prompted me to blog about them, is that they continue the themes of each scent: they have a board for each of their ten perfume personalities on Pinterest, as well as (and this is my favorite thing), a playlist for most of the scents on 8tracks Radio. (There are a few that don’t yet have playlists.)

The Pinterest boards are great, but the playlists are awesome! And very fitting, at least, the three for me are.

I was immediately impressed with my results, simply based on the names & the some of the notes of each scent. Apparently, I am a royal, rebellious, gypsy. I think it fits quite well! 🙂 There is definitely a pattern here. And I was even more into it after listening to the playlists, (which just-so-happen to be included below). Now, it’s time to meet my scents:

Campfire Rebel – whiskey, burning Oud wood, vanilla bourbon, and vetiver.

Treehouse Royal –  fig, jasmine, peony, moss, vanilla bourbon, and vetiver.

Moonlight Gypsy –  cardamom, orange blossom, patchouli, vetiver, and sandalwood.

I received my samples earlier this week, and have now tried all of them. I thought Moonlight Gypsy was going to be my favorite–because I love patchouli–but it was actually my least favorite. I had a difficult time deciding which of the other two I liked better, so I think I need them both for different occasions:

Campfire Rebel fits the more Rock ‘n’ Roll side of me, and it actually does smell like a campfire & whiskey, which I love. But I think it’s a bit much to wear during the day, especially enclosed in an office with sensitive noses. Treehouse Royal is more the bohemian side of me, and it makes me feel like I just came in from the woods. Which is particularly nice when, like I said, I’m in an office all day long.

I can’t wait to get them, but unfortunately I’m going to have to wait, since I’m basically broke all the time :). My birthday’s only a few months away, if nothing else!

(FYI:This isn’t a paid review or anything like that. They have no idea I’m even writing this. It’s just me sharing something I think is neat. :))


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