Cast-iron soul.

First things first: thank you to our office manager for laughing & letting me leave work this morning & go to Starbucks, because I was out of K-cups & in desperate need of a serious caffeine fix. You have saved my life. By the way, Starbucks’ Tribute Blend – I like.

I have officially developed a new obsession as of approximately 7:30 this very morning!

I sat down on my couch to do my make-up, watching music videos on Palladia…what I do every morning while getting ready for work. And then a song came on…a song that I knew I’d heard (and really liked), but I couldn’t place it and I didn’t know who sang it. That song was “California (Cast Iron Soul).” And something must have clicked. The spark flamed into existence & quickly engulfed my musical soul. The obsession is in full-swing now!

Say hello to Jonathan Clay & Zach Chance, collectively known as Jamestown Revival.The long-time friends describe their music as “back-porch-folk-rock” which I think is very fitting. Regardless of what you call it, it’s simply really, really good music. REALLY good. You can check out their entire debut album, Utah, below.

One last thing before I go today: does anyone recall the picture of Sherkhanberbatch the Dragon (Benedict Cumberbatch for the uninformed) photobombing U2 at the Oscars? Well, there’s a video of it now. This is one of those time where I really love the internet. By the way, your welcome.

Have a great weekend! And get outside & enjoy some nature!


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