One more for the stars.

Let’s get this out of the way: St. Paddy’s Day celebrations were pretty awesome…a little too awesome. Someone, I won’t say who, but someone, had to leave work after only an hour yesterday because he/she was so sick from the night before. (Like second-worst-hangover-ever sick…apparently.) Here’s a little lesson for you: if you are going to spend the whole night bar-hoping & drinking, EAT SOMETHING FIRST! Eat an actual meal, not just a few cheese fries and a bunch of pickles (use your imagination). Alcohol on a practically empty stomach does not end well, or so I’m told. I pray that this person has learned his/her lesson after the second time with this particular experience.

Music time! I just came across these three bands (two last week & one just today), and I am really liking all of them. First up is Farewell Flight, an Indie-Rock band based in Nashville. Check out their EP I Was A Ghost below. I’m particularly fond of “Scarecrow” and “Everything Changed,” but honestly, the whole thing is pretty good straight-thru. Catchy. But good catchy, not stupid-song-that-you-hate-and-is-now-stuck-in-your-head catchy. 🙂

Next up is a band called The Wild Feathers. These guys started things off in Austin (one of them is actually a fellow Okie from Oolagah), then relocated to Nashville (and opened for Bob Dylan). There sound is kind of Americana/Indie/Rock, I think that’s the best way to put it. Call it what you will, more I listen to them, the more I like them. Check out the video of them playing what thus far is my favorite of their tunes, “Left My Woman.” After that, there’s a few songs off of their debut.

Last but certainly not least is Bearheart, an Americana/Folk group based in Nashville. There EP sounds like a porch jam session, which is always a good thing if you ask me. You can stream their self-titled 5-track EP here. And check out a live performance of my favorite track, “Living Out My Dreams.”


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