Indifferent clocks.

Today is just a Conor Oberst kind of day. Maybe it stems from hearing his new song–Governor’s Ball–yesterday, maybe it’s just fate. Either way, a large chunk of the playlist I am currently listening to is made up of some incarnation of Oberst – be it his solo work, Bright Eyes, or Monsters of Folk.

By the way: I have no motivation to work today. Not good. I’m finally, albeit slowly, getting back into a reading mood, and today I really want to be at home, snuggling my dogs on my couch, re-reading Discovery of Witches for the umpteenth time with a cup of tea. Unfortunately, that can’t happen. Sometimes I really hate having to be a “responsible adult.” I’m not very good it, anyway.

I almost forgot, Happy April Fools day! I wish I could think of a really good prank to pull on someone, but thus far, the only things I’ve been able to come up with are either A) highly inappropriate, especially for work, or B) might give someone a heart attack. So it looks like I’m bowing out.

I think it’s music time. Today is a playlist day. I’ve a teeny-tiny sampling of what I have been listening to today. It’s only appropriate to kick things off with the aforementioned “Governor’s Ball” by Conor Oberst. Then I’ve got some Monsters of Folk, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Bel Heir, Dan Croll, Fossil Collective, and Farewell Milwaukee. Hope you enjoy!


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