QOTD: April 1, 2014


One other thing: I read my horoscope every week (usually on the Free People blog & Refinery 29), not that I put much stock into them. It’s just that the hippie/bohemian/whatever-moniker-you-like enjoys reading them & seeing if anything they say actually comes into play. I didn’t intend for that to rhyme. But I read this week’s (via Refinery 29), and my intuition tells me not to totally disregard it this time.

Leo (July 23-August 22)
You’ve got grand plans, Leo, as the Sun in your visionary ninth house puts you in blue-sky spirits. While you’re busy scheming and dreaming, some exciting news could arrive at the April 15 Libra lunar eclipse in your communication zone. Is it time for an air-clearing conversation? You could be pushed into dialogue by a tense cosmic aspect on April 23, but choose your words wisely. Your mindset is linked to your mental and physical health. Limiting beliefs and negative people, begone!

Here’s why this is something I feel I need to take note of: I’ve set a certain goal for myself–I have a decision that needs to be made–and the decision date I’ve set for my self is April 16th – my dad’s birthday. As a believer in “signs,” that’s too big of a coincidence for me to ignore. Only time will tell how things work out, and if nothing else, this just gave me a major mood boost & made me even more excited about what the future could potentially hold.


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