Flashing sparrows.

Today is Thursday, right? This has been a weird week I can’t wait for it to be over. Thankfully, tomorrow is my half-day, therefore my weekend starts in less than 24 hours! And a good weekend for the TV/film nerd in me, as I finally get to watch 12 Years A Slave and Gravity, and even more importantly, Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday!!

I’m so glad it’s back, and it’s just in time to help fill the gaping hole the season finale of The Walking Dead left. Also on the TV agenda this weekend are the series premieres of Turn on AMC, and Silicon Valley on HBO. But mostly I’m just excited for Game of Thrones. Speaking of Westeros, this is the “honest trailer” for the upcoming season 4, and it’s quite funny. But, of course, it does contain spoilers, so if you aren’t caught up thru season 3, don’t click that big, red PLAY button.

In music news, I came across this gem earlier today & proceeded to listen to it three times in a row because I like it so much. It’s a cover–an alt-country cover to be precise–of KE$HA’s “Blind” by Lydia Loveless. I can’t embed it, because it’s technically not been released yet. BUT you can (and should) listen to over at Spin. Seriously. What are still doing here? Go now!

Now that your back, it’s time for you to listen to Wolf Alice’s new single, “Moaning Lisa Smile.”

I think it’s time to in a “Throwback Thursday” photograph.


I think I was 20, here. And Cassidy is graduating high school this year…that kind of makes me feel old.

Completely unrelated, according to an E! headline, today is apparently Michael Fassbender’s birthday.

tumblr_mqz6frVQav1qgzsc3o3_500-1Any excuse to include a picture of that handsome, ginger-beard-man (see what I did there ;)) & I will take it! And there is no shame in that, either. It also gives an excuse to express my intense anticipation for the release of the newest adaptation of that Scottish play that Fassbender happens to be filming right now.

My work here is done.


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