The Art of Villainy.

How is it only Tuesday? It doesn’t feel like a Tuesday. It feels like a Thursday, at the very least. Probably because I’m anxious for Friday (aka Payday), so I can stock-up on all the fruit I’ve been craving & start planting some herbs & flowers this weekend. My sad front yard needs it.

Yesterday, I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier with my lovely friend & her family. It didn’t disappoint, and it even had a few things I did not see coming. I liked it. Then again, it IS a Marvel movie. What’s not to like?

Speaking of Marvel, their Villain Extraordinaire, the lovely Tom Hiddleston, has a new Jaguar commercial. Beware: it will probably make you swoon a little…or maybe a lot.

Moving on to a little music, check out Bombay Bicycle Club performing a live, acoustic version of their track “To The Bone” for WLT.

Until tomorrow…


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