The Hollow.

“Love is getting your hands dirty.

Love is bleeding all over each other.

Love is sharing the same burden.

Love is not living, it’s dying together.”

Corey Kilgannon (singer-songwriter from Nashville): pardon my English, but holy shite, is this guy good. Incredible, actually. I just listened to his brand new EP, The Hollow, and it gave me chills. I’m having a difficult time thinking of the proper words to describe the music. I felt every lyric, every note. I love it. It’s beautifully depressing in a way (a good thing, I promise), and provokes feelings of love, and loss, and hope. It’s emotionally-driven, indie-folk gorgeousness. The song “Mama’s Tears” made me tear up & if I wasn’t in a room full of people, I would have full-on bawled listening to it. You can listen to The Hollow & download it for free on Noisetrade. And please do! (As a bonus, here is Corey’s cover of Johnny Cash’s “Give My Love To Rose.”)


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