I need to vent, so bare with me on this. Or ignore it. I don’t care if a single person reads this. But this is my voice, my soapbox, if you will, and it makes me feel a tiny bit better to send it out into the world. And hopefully, it will help keep me from breaking down into tears while are work – my default reaction to every heightened emotion.

My theme song for today–the one song in particular that I’m relying on to get me thru the rest of the work day & yet another trip to the vet–is “I F*CKING Hate You” by Godsmack. That pretty much says it all…

Today just needs to end already. I’m beyond done with it. & at this point, I feel – the first word coming to mind is “murderous,” but I think that may a wee bit strong. My heart is racing, and I haven’t looked in a mirror, but it feels like my face is on fire. Getting thru the next hour and forty-five minutes is going to be challenging, to say the very least.


  1. Adriene · April 26, 2014

    I actually kind of love this. 🙂


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