Let the light in.

It’s days like today that I REALLY love Twitter.

Because I incessantly tweet about music and follow artists, indie labels, management accounts, etc., I get followed by new artists (and labels, etc.) nearly every day, and I get suggestions of new artists to follow constantly. And I love it. It’s exciting, and I have found countless new artists whose music I’ve fallen for because of it. And today was no exception. As I was going thru my emails this morning, randomly choosing a few to go listen to, I happened upon two artists that I immediately got pretty excited about.

First up, I made my way to listen to Amber Run, an Indie folk/pop/rock band from Nottingham, UK. The first song I heard, their latest single “Spark,” was all it took to get me interested. 

I immediately mixed them into my current playlist on Spotify this morning. And as everything shuffled around, and I got to hear all of the tracks available, these two tracks in particular, from their Noah EP, stuck out.

You would never think by listening to these guys that they have been a band for less than two years.

After getting so fortunate with Amber Run, I wasn’t expecting the same instant hook from the next artist I listened to. I was wrong. I made my way over to Joel Baker‘s SoundCloud & hit play on his latest song “Every Vessel Every Vein.”

It took maybe 20 seconds for me to fall in love. MAYBE. I actually don’t even think it took that long. Joel, also from Nottingham oddly enough, is more folk-sounding, and very soulful. I started listening to his EP, Long Sleeves. The entire EP is beautiful, a sad & melancholy kind of beautiful that I am exceedingly partial too. I was only going to include a song or two off the EP, but I just can’t choose. Please, please listen to them all. 

As I got to the bottom of the page, there were three covers, two of which I must admit I questioned, seeing as they were covers of Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” and Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Shame on me for jumping to conclusions. You can hear the Kanye cover below, as well as the aforementioned third track, a cover of Kings of Leon’s “Mulled Wine in Manhattan.”

I think I’ve given you guys enough music for today. Enjoy the ear-candy!


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