Strand of Oaks.

It’s time you heard Strand of Oaks, the nom de scène of singer-songwriter Timothy Showalter.

Strand of Oaks has a new album coming out next week entitled Heal. You can currently listen to the entire album here, via NPR’s First Listen. I’m particularly fond of “Shut In,” “Woke Up Last Night,” “JM,” “Plymouth,” and “Mirage Year.”

As much as I like the new album–I like all of his music–the first album, 2009’s Leave Ruin, is my favorite. It’s not a very ‘happy’ album, but then again, I do have tendency to gravitate toward darker, heartbreaking, melancholy music :).

The other albums are great as well, 2010’s Pope Killdragon and 2012’s Dark Shores. So, go listen to them. Listen to it all!

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