I’m a peacock, Captain! You gotta let me fly!

Last night, I (and when I say “I” I actually mean hairstylist extraordinaire, Kasey Teegarden) did something that I have wanted to do for years…

I GOT BLUE & GREEN PEACOCK OMBRÉ HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s glorious!

I couldn’t possibly be more excited or happy with the end result. I freaking LOVE IT! I’m sure Kasey would agree – it was a loooong process. (My hair was dark and reddish – it wasn’t quick or easy. Kasey darkened my main color a bit & bleached my ends at the same time, then I sat with my plastic wrap helmet for quite a while–thank goodness I had ‘Outlander’ with me–washed, dried, blued, sat some more, washed, dried, straightened, and we were done.) It took over 4 hours…

…but it was worth it. I feel incredible! And oddly enough, it doesn’t feel as weird as I thought it would: too see myself with such a drastic change. It feels like my hair, it looks like MY hair, like it belongs to me. I think it’s the most “me” my hair has ever been. And talk about a confidence booster! I needed this change more than I realized.

Kasey –  you are amazing. I can’t thank you enough! I love it so much, I can’t stop looking at it and touching it…it’s makes me feel invincible!

I feel like I have a superpower now. And that superpower is peacock hair!

So, about posting more…

I know I said I was back and I was going to be posting more, that obviously hasn’t happened. I lost my list of ‘filler’ post ideas, and my life just isn’t all the interesting right now.

I’m still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my nieces (weighing in at 4.6lbs and 5.14lbs., respectively). From the sound of things, they should be here within a week. At which point, this blog will probably become all about them.

Before the Gilmore Girls take over, I do have one life change of my own happening: I’ve started Weight Watchers and I’m exercising almost daily (stationary bike and yoga). It’s a process and it’s only been about two weeks, but I already feel better. I’m still figuring out what is going to work best for me, but I’m on the way.

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

Just in case you haven’t seen these yet & you need a laugh at Justin Bieber’s expense.

via Elite Daily.

Wordcrush Wednesday

Welcome to the inaugural Wordcrush Wednesday!

I like words, I’ve always liked words. I get Word of the Day emails from three different dictionary websites, I collect quotes and get Quote of the Day emails from Goodreads, and I read alot. Words are cool, guys. Anyone who tells you differently is lying, and possibly a Dalek.

In light of my word-love, I’ve decided to started doing a Wordcrush Wednesday post. I’m still working out the logistics and planning exactly how I want to do it, so it may very well change in the coming weeks. For now, the plan is to include a ‘word of the day’ and a ‘quote of the day’.

Word of the Day:

pasquinade (pronunciation: /paskwəˈnād/) – a satire or lampoon, originally one displayed or delivered publicly in a public place.

Quote of the Day:


via BLDG52/FreePeople Blog

Twice the Fun.

My not-so-little brother, Robert, and his lovely fiancé, Abbie, are having twin girls and their baby shower was this weekend, and it was all shades of adorable. Everyone involved (and there were lots) did a great job putting it all together, and they got tons of stuff for the Gilmore Girls!

This auntie-to-be is incredibly anxious for Berklee & Raelyne to get here! Only about three more weeks! So consider me on stand-by from here on out, because as soon as I get that call, I’m in the car and on my way to meet my nieces!


I’m Back!………..At least that’s the plan.

I’m back after a much-longer-than-originally-planned hiatus!

Why so long away, you may ask? The answer is pretty simple: I just wan’t feeling it anymore.

Blogging started to seem like a chore. An obligation. The fun was gone. I needed some time away to figure out what I wanted from my blogging experience – I needed to find out what direction I want this blog to go in. It was intended to only be a few weeks or maybe two months away. You see how that turned out. But I’m back now, and I’m planning on changing things up a bit.

I want this blog to better reflect the happenings in my life (not that my life is very exciting–at least not write now), so I’m working on some new ideas. I have a few prompts/themes to use for the coming weeks, until I work out my plan or until my life gets a bit more interesting (twin nieces are coming in a matter of weeks!). And I will be continuing to post about music (though maybe not quite so much) and posting quotes (though I haven’t decided if these be daily or weekly..).

The point is: I’m back. Blog things are changing (hence new theme). Life is changing. And I’m going to try and take you guys along with me, wherever I may go.

P.S. I made myself a 2015 yearly poster calendar (I saw one on Etsy and it inspired me), and it’s pretty awesome. I kind of love it. And I’ve decided to let you have it, too. That is, if you want it. The JPEG is below, or you can download the PDF here. The choice is yours, young Padawan. 

2015yearl 3.0

the sydney project: 2014 Blog-In-Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.