Wordcrush Wednesday

Welcome to the inaugural Wordcrush Wednesday!

I like words, I’ve always liked words. I get Word of the Day emails from three different dictionary websites, I collect quotes and get Quote of the Day emails from Goodreads, and I read alot. Words are cool, guys. Anyone who tells you differently is lying, and possibly a Dalek.

In light of my word-love, I’ve decided to started doing a Wordcrush Wednesday post. I’m still working out the logistics and planning exactly how I want to do it, so it may very well change in the coming weeks. For now, the plan is to include a ‘word of the day’ and a ‘quote of the day’.

Word of the Day:

pasquinade (pronunciation: /paskwəˈnād/) – a satire or lampoon, originally one displayed or delivered publicly in a public place.

Quote of the Day:


via BLDG52/FreePeople Blog

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